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The Fighting Irish

Clare Daly

Below is a statement on Irish MP Clare Daly’s FacebookPage from a disabled Irish man protesting the privatization of water in Ireland. It’s a good statement and I think it’s worth sharing. RM

Statement given in Court by Sean Doyle, a 66-year-old activist suffering from Parkinson's Disease who was jailed this week for peacefully protesting against future water poverty, privatisation and the water meter installation programme in Wicklow.

                 NOT GUILTY - By Sean Doyle.
'I did not come here voluntarily. I was summoned here by your court of law. Our struggle for justice, equality and fair distribution of wealth and our natural resources is constantly at variance and impeded by your laws and if there is an exception Leinster House will legislate and make it unlawful.

Criminal to me is homelessness, children sleeping on the streets.

Criminal to me is bailing out banks while people are being evicted from their homes.

Criminal to me is the robbery of our natural resources while children go hungry.

Criminal to me is the Leinster House committee embarrassed and reluctant to collect billions of corporate taxes from Apple and others while the health and other services crumble with a half a million on waiting lists to see specialists.

Criminal to me is to stand by and allow our water to be privatised.
Every meter in the ground is a meter closer to privatisation.

Criminal to me is when all our resources are being robbed and our rights as citizens eroded and enforced by your laws.

Criminal to me is in this centenary year they're determined to grab for private profit the 1916 Moore Street battle site, our heritage as defined in The Proclamation.

Criminal to me is when all the above is deemed to be an accumulated wrong and punishable by your laws.

What and whose interests does this Leinster House committee serve other than the 1%?
If we had a people's government they would have full power to alter, amend or abolish the laws to protect the property of its citizens held in obedience to the wishes and interests of its citizens. If we were truly a free nation the people's government would have that power. We do not.

The ever increasing void between law and justice will inevitably lead to conflict. This is your court of law representing the 1%. The justice I seek does and could not reside here.'


Note: Leinster House is the Irish Parliament in Dublin. It is referred to as The Dail in Irish.

Clare Daly and another Irish MP Mick Wallace, were arrested after invading Shannon Airport where US planes that many Irish feel are up to no good, either transporting weapons of mass destruction to their flunkies in the Middle East, or kidnapping people the US doesn’t like.  The scaled the fence and were caught. Here is an article from the Irish Independent about this issue. Mick Wallace asking the judge for his rope ladder back, the device used to scale the fence. 

‘Can I have my rope ladder back?,' Independent TD Mick Wallace asks judge
By Gordon Deegan
Published 24/02/2015 | 15:411Mick Wallace TD 
Independent TD Mich Wallace

Independent TD, Mick Wallace today asked a district court judge: "Can I have my rope ladder back?”

Deputy Wallace made the request at Ennis District Court after the rope ladder claimed to be used by Deputy Clare Daly and the Wexford deputy to scale the perimeter fence at Shannon airport last July was presented in evidence.
In reply, Judge Patrick Durcan said that he wouldn’t deal with the request now and Mr Wallace could ask for it again later in the day.
Mr Wallace (59) of Clontarf Rd, Clontarf, Dublin and Deputy Clare Daly (46) of Elmwood Drive, Swords, Fingal are appearing in court today concerning their alleged illegal entrance into a restricted area of Shannon airport on July 22nd last.
CCTV footage has been shown to the court of the two standing on a grass verge located inside the airfield and involved in conversation with airport police.
Airport Police Officer (APO), Declan Vaughan told the court that when he came across Deputy Wallace and Deputy Daly inside the perimeter fence on July 22nd last, Deputy Wallace requested the assistance of the Irish army to inspect a US military plane nearby.
Two US military planes were parked on the runway nearby.
Mr Wallace told the court that the reason that they entered the airport airfield was to search the military planes, because they were not being searched by the Irish authorities.
Sgt Donal O’Rourke told the court that on meeting with the two, he was told by Deputy Wallace that they “entered the airport in order to make a political statement regarding the use of Shannon airport for military purposes and to bring it to the attention of the Minister because the minister is not listening”.
Sgt O’Rourke said that Deputy Daly sustained a cut to her lip and her two fingers when coming over the airport perimeter fence. He said that she declined any medical assistance offered.
APO, Declan Vaughan told the court that all US military aircraft at Shannon airport receive the protection of the Irish army.
The State is to call six witness with the two deputies are to call five witnesses.
Those in court to support the two deputies include Margaretta D’Arcy who has already served two periods in jail - one lasting three months - after refusing to sign a bond that she not enter restricted zones at Shannon.
Former UN Assistant Secretary General, Denis Halliday is also in court.

The case continues.

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