Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This blog's first sex video.

 Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I thought I would share his rather delightful scene in my back yard.  I was about to water a couple of tomato plants back there when I noticed these goings on so I stopped pulling out the hose in order not to disturb these two.  Not that it would have disturbed them as they were very in to what they were doing, it would have killed them.

When I was young I lived in the countryside for some years. The farmer would give us runts, young piglets or lambs that were unable to compete for teats and would gradually get smaller and eventually die. So me and my mum bottle fed them until they grew in to healthy domestic pets. Annabelle, our pig got so big we had to put her outside the house, Easter and Friday (guess when we got them) our two lambs ate Cadbury's chocolate and would attack the sheepdog if he came near

Sometimes I would have go to a farm two miles away and get Jumbo the boar and walk back with him to service our sows as dad bought a few more pigs and some "hot" ones that. They, "fell off the back of a lorry" as we say in Britain. My dad was quite the guy for finding stuff that fell off the back of lorries. Annabelle would have nothing to do with Jumbo and bit him badly. She died a virgin. My dad unfortunately saw in pigs a few bucks, not pets like the rest of the family, and Annabelle ended her life at the abattoir.  We never forgave him and when the truck came to take her she screamed blue murder, she knew where this was not good. But dad was the boss.

I also used to go get the cows to take up the milking shed for the farmer. It's not a difficult task  because as soon as they saw me they would all walk over, then I'd take them up the road to the shed, about three quarters of a mile.

These experiences were great for me, taught me a lot. And when I moved to the city, especially London, I noticed that young people were not as connected to nature in the same way, it was a shame.

Most workers are not employed in agriculture ,and agriculture, like most industries, is big business. I think only about 2% of the US population work on the land. But for people that live in rural areas where the pace of life is a bit slower, the kids get to interact with nature a little more I think, and see things like sex between animals that often urban kids don't.  Capitalism, industrial production, is not nature friendly. It's hard to pay attention to your kids when you get home after the night shift at the chicken factory or the auto plant, so people often pay no attention to the natural world around them, too tired.

Here we have sex between dragonflies.  That's what's great about the trails, we see so much there. But even in our yards, in urban areas, there is all sorts of activity like this. We have to make the effort to find time to enjoy the natural world as we are products of it and especially make our children aware of it. We also, I  might add, have to find the time to change the system in which we live that will at some point poison the natural world to the extent that humans, like many of the species today, will no longer be able to live in it.

Human beings are not exempt from extinction.

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S Carbonaro said...

I grew up in the East Bay and never witnessed the dragonfly mating ritual. Feral cats were another story entirely. They were much more physical than the dragonflys as well. I would also add the offspring were easier on the eyes as well. ;>)