Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spoiled assed little turd has fit on Jet Blue flight

The time during which the labourer works, is the time during which the capitalist consumes the labour-power he has purchased of him. Marx

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

'The headline for this story was: "'Genius Millionaire' Apologizes for Rant on JetBlue Flight".

In a society based on the capitalist mode of production, a person is determined to be a "genius or "smart" or what is  socially termed a "successful" person by how much money they have. That's why it's called capitalism. This is more so here in the US which is the belly of the beast, it is where the capitalist class is strongest, has the most influence on mass consciousness, where its mass media reigns almost unchallenged.

As Marx explained,  consciousness is a product of being, not the other way round. It arises from the material conditions of life and mass consciousness or class consciousness arises from our role in the production of life. He stated quite simply that how we earn our living determines our outlook.

What we have here is not a genius but a child who most likely had some handy connections his short life that gave him a good start in the rat race.  He is not a wage worker. In other words, he does not do any productive labor, he doesn't sell his labor power to the owner of capital, hired out for 8, 10, 12 hours a day; he's not even a public sector worker whose income is paid through pubic funds.  David Bracket, that is his name, is a self described 28 year old real estate millionaire, a dealer or trader in human shelter. He doesn't see human shelter as a home, as a place where we can live and interact without our community and see our children grow up; he sees it as an investment, a commodity to be bought and sold. He is a social parasite in other words.

"David Brackett is not a loser. David Bracket is a 27 (or 28)-year-old man who has it all. A 176 IQ. 20/20 vision. A $4 million salary. Six houses. SIX HOUSES." one media report of his drunken incident on the plane says.

Why do you need six houses one would ask? You can't live in six houses. So if you are a school teacher, a social worker, a factory worker, or work at the DMV, you are a real loser as you have none of the above. The biggest loser of all must be the young veteran returning from one of their corporate wars who, if their body is still intact, finds gainful employment very difficult and ends up at Target, especially if they are emotionally damaged at which point they might expect a visit from the cops as their personal relations are falling apart due to the difficulty of returning to civilian life. They are losers also because a "smart" guy would have the money to avoid such dangerous work.

C'mon, what's stressful about running over an Iraqi child in your Humvee as  a matter of policy or seeing your buddies legs blown off by a roadside device?  I've seen Rambo and John Wayne movies, him and Stillone just grit their teeth and do it. I'm sure those two (just like "bring it on" George W Bush) went through hell in their wartime experiences and they're successful. (don't laugh).

This ideology, that success is the accumulation of capital, or getting rich, is strongest here in the US. But you can't get rich working. Christ, my mum and the rest of our mums and dad's would be billionaires. This ideology, or accepting it, has a devastating affect on people and is why we have such a problem with men who end up blowing their entire families away. This used to be restricted to white males but is becoming more frequent among Asians and other "successful" people in high stress jobs. They did everything right, worked their asses off, borrowed money, bought a home, then a bigger one, then an even a bigger one and then consequences beyond their control intervened and it all collapses. If you believe you are in control of your own destiny and where you are in life is determined entirely by your individual choices you are doomed. You blame yourself and that's the biggest "rigged" game of all.

And if what we have and and social status is determined by sacrifices we make then that veteran that lost their mind after Vietnam and turned to drugs or their lower torso after Iraq, would be a millionaire and a pimp like Donald Trump left at a stop sign with a "will work for food" banner.

No, what we have here is a spoiled ass little turd who had a few too many drinks and mostly through good fortune (he could have been the product of a drunken lovemaking session, here by shear chance) finding himself in a situation where he doesn't have to work and as the possessor of money has social power that in any civilized society would escape him. He's a spoiled child, he calls the guy a baldy and he "can't even grow a head of hair." A cutting take down if there ever was one. What millionaire flies Jet blue anyway?

The media portrays him as a genius because the same class that own the means by which we manufacture the commodities that we use in every day life own the means for manufacturing ideas, the universities, the colleges, the think tanks and the means of communication. The dominant ideas of society are the ideas of the class that governs, that rules. But in the last analysis, consciousness has a material base and at some point in time the garbage we put up with becomes just a little to oppressive, a little too odious, and the revolt against it begins.

It's important not to hate ourselves because we lack success. as the ruling class defines it.  If we become successful like this guy, the trade off is you begin to lose your humanity.

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