Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump. Women's Rights. From the Horse's (Big) Mouth. Make Women Pay.

Sean O'Torain. 

Yesterday was a big day in US capitalist politics. I believe a watershed day. The extreme right Trump, the leader in the race for the Republican Party nomination came out and said what the Republican Party have been pushing all along. Make a women's right to choose illegal and then punish women who refuse to accept this, who refuse to accept that their body belongs to the state. The big mouth, the ignoramus, the hater of women, he has been exposed. Yes he would make women who decided what to do with their own body pay, he would not say how - jail - a fine - solitary confinement - the death sentence. He would not say. He does not even have enough respect for women to tell them what penalty he has in mind for them. Women must just vote for him and see what he decides. The big mouth knows everything. 

Already women are paying for the policies of Trump and the Republican party. They are paying by being harassed at clinics, they are paying by the defunding of Planned Parenthood, they are paying by the closing of clinics, they are paying by the murder of doctors and clinic staff, and they are paying by being shamed into keeping quiet about having an abortion. I thank all those who are now coming out and stating their names and saying they have had an abortion and they are not ashamed. These women are heroines. All us men must stand by the side of these women. 

An estimated 3 out of 10 women in the US have had an abortion. Millions of women. Include their families and tens of millions of women have been involved in this decision one way or another. This decision is the right of the woman and her right alone. Let us be clear. Trump said he would make all women who had an abortion pay. In his stupidity and arrogance he is just articulating openly what the Republicans have been saying and working for all along. In 2015 there were 396 attempts in 46 state legislatures to restrict abortion. The Republicans, all of them who have been riding this vicious anti women opportunist policy must be made to pay. Organizations such as he Catholic church must also be made to pay. They too are with Trump in trying to take away the women's right to choose. They have been making women suffer for years by preventing them getting sex education and access to contraception and by backing the right wing anti women politicians. The Catholic church is another extreme right male dominated anti women organization trying to run women's lives. All the Republicans, remember the one last year who talked about "legitimate rape", all the Republicans, who have been trying to take away the right of women to control their own bodies for decades are running for the hills. Hopefully they will all be chased down before they escape. 

Here is what the right to choose means. It means the right not to have a baby. This means the right to free and everywhere available family planning services and information. It means family planning in the schools. It means free and hygienic medical facilities for the termination of pregnancies. And it means that this decision is made by the woman who is carrying the fetus and the woman alone. The right to choose also means the right to have a baby. This means a secure well paid job, free health care,  affordable housing,  childcare at work, in the home, in the community. This is what any decent person has to stand for. 

Trump has been getting away with all sorts of outrageous statements. Such as not ruling out using nuclear weapons against Europe. But why is is that it is on this issue of women's rights where he now seems to have reached his limit. The old systems, feudalism, capitalism, all specially oppressed women. Capitalism continues to specially oppress women. However things have changed. Today an estimated 50% of the world's factory workers are women. This gives women power as never before. They have enormous input into the world economy. Increasingly they are realizing this and standing up and demanding that they are treated equal by the system. This is great. Men must stand by their sides. For a united working class where women and men fight shoulder to shoulder in equality and to build a new world. 

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