Friday, March 4, 2016

More on the Zionist stranglehold on Palestinian life.

This situation is somewhat similar to the relationship Ireland was forced to have with Britain in that all trade and economic activity related to Ireland had to go through the occupying power. The Zionist regime will never allow, certainly not voluntarily anyway, an independent Palestinian state unhinged from Israeli capital and economic power. Things will get worse before they get better, particularly so as there are no US politicians that challenge the Zionist regime to any serious extent or oppose US foreign policy that is the prime source of instability in the region through it's imperial policy and support of brutal racist regime like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Bernie Sanders says practically nothing about US foreign policy as he is s support of it along with its Zionist component. It is also shameful that so many of his supporters allow him to get away with ignoring this issue and keeping his mouth shut about the military budget, arms spending, proxy wars etc.

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Jack Gerson said...

Richard, Sanders' record on the military and the military budget is even worse than keeping silent about it. He votes for weapons to Saudi Arabia, which uses them to massacre Yemenis. For the Israelis, to use against the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere. Sanders got his start in Vermont 40 years ago in the Liberty Union party. Liberty Union's current chairman, Peter Diamandstone, says that while Sanders did oppose the Vietnam war, he has supported several U.S. wars since. Further, according to Diamandstone, Sanders campaigned for Walter Mondale in 1984, going on the stump to make 10 campaign speeches in support of that lame Democratic presidential nominee.