Wednesday, February 10, 2016

War and capitalism. A Comment.

Sean O'Torain.

Thank you Comrade for your article on this Blog on "The Coming War." I agree with the points you make. The leopard has not changed its spots. They do not have around 20,000 nuclear warheads between them for the good of our health. The contradictions in the system will push them, is pushing them, towards war. Either partial or all out.

Either would qualitatively transform the world. Along with climate change it is one of the threats to life on earth. If it is a partial nuclear war between "minor" powers such as Pakistan and India, or a dirty bomb or dirty bombs, this could transform the consciousness of the masses of the world in the direction that capitalism had to go. It is socialism, nuclear wipe out, or the end of life on earth through climate change if capitalism is not overthrown. Capitalism will one way or another destroy life on earth. But all is not lost. The working class is objectively stronger than ever before. Spread over the world more than ever before. Half the world's factory workers are now women.  It is a race with time.

Will the working class be able to organize itself, will its consciousness be raised sufficiently, will it develop the ruthless determination necessary, will it build a mass revolutionary international leadership of hundreds of millions that is needed to end capitalism. Will a cutting edge be able to be hammered onto the now blunt weapon that is the working class, the progressive class of today, the only class that can give the human species and life on earth as we know it a future. As Trotsky said: The crisis of society, the crisis of humanity, is the crisis of the working class leadership. Building the subjective factor, this working class leadership, is the challenge if life on earth is to be preserved.

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