Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump's a liar Bernie Sanders is dishonest

By Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

 “I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.”

So says Donald Trump, a fan of Mussolini. He knows nothing about white supremacists or that such a thing exists. It could be possible as he’s a bit like the British royalty. He’s never worked, had a lot of money given to him from the beginning, and has no real connection to the living breathing reality of working class life.

The reason Prince Phillip, that husband of the aging British Queen, herself from a family of NAZI sympathizers, is such a moron is because they are sheltered from society, they don’t work, they don’t interact with genuine human beings, they are lifeless.

My personal view, and I’m sure that most American’s agree with me, is that Trump is lying.  American’s are used to that from politicians, it’s normal.  Politicians in the Parties of the ruling class can’t tell the truth, no one would vote at all and more and more Americans are taking that road or declaring themselves as independent. Most candidates that run as independents are not really independent either; they are either Democrats or Republicans and more often than not representatives of one wing or another of US capitalism.

Trump’s views are close to the views of white supremacists and Nazi’s. He wants to bar anyone from entering the US who belongs to a certain religion. It’s one step from that to expelling people from the country who belong to that religion is it not? Perhaps he might consider building camps for them or putting them in outdoor concentration camps like Gaza.

Trump is clearly a racist, and although he doesn’t use the term, a white nationalist. Above all of course is that he’s a capitalist, a parasitic one at that.  I demand that Jews condemn and separate themselves from the Zionists which is a form of Jewish extremism, so white workers should condemn and separate ourselves from Trump and other white nationalists who hide behind the cloak of conservatism and Christian ideology.  Trump is a disaster for the US working class.

And while we are on the subject of dishonesty, there’s Bernie Sanders.  Hilary Clinton has won South Carolina handily taking about 74% of the vote.  The black population stood solidly behind her.  This could be the turning point for the Bern although we have to be cautious in these very volatile times. But I return to Bernie’s pledge that he will urge his supporters to support Hilary Clinton if he is not nominated which myself and others have felt is most likely. This will disappoint many of his young enthusiastic supporters.

Bernie has been dishonest with those who have supported him. He knew the role that the super delegates play in ensuring the dominance of the Democratic Party machine but has never made an issue of it. He talks of politics being rigged, government being rigged but  so is the party nomination process. He knew of all this before he ran as a Democrat. Attacking the rigged system within the party whose nomination he seeks would not have hurt him with his supporters. Warning his supporters, many of them new to politics, would have been the honest thing to do. Look at what Trump says about the Republican Party.  And if Sanders was kicked out of the Democratic Party for exposing the undemocratic procedure within it or making an issue of it and urging his supporters to fight within the party to democratize it, this would have increased his popularity among new fresh layers and also laid further groundwork for a left alternative to the Democrats.

Instead he has been a successful recruiter for the Democratic Party. If he genuinely believes that the Democratic Party can be reformed or taken out of the hands of Wall Street that controls it, he should have campaigned on that basis. He should have pointed out that it would be very unlikely he would be picked as the nominee even if he won a popular vote, as the Superdelegates are there to protect the party power. Instead, in one of the debates he commented, with a quick friendly nod to Hilary Clinton that their party or this party, I can’t remember which, is one thousand times better than the other meaning the Republicans.

This love affair with Bernie that liberals and some left/socialist groupings like Socialist Alternative that has opportunistically abandoned a long standing opposition to supporting Democratic Party candidates in order to win a few recruits from the Sanders campaign, is most likely coming to an end. (Surely Socialist Alternative had an in depth internal debate on such a historic change in orientation)

But Bernie is no fool either. He has been around a long time as a Democrat dressed up as an independent. He is a seasoned politician like Hilary Clinton. He has been dishonest with his supporters, he knew what he was doing all along.

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beatriz viacava-goulet said...

The sad part most still not awake to the facts..these massive injustices and atrocities comes from the criminals we keep electing...
It doesn't matter which side of the coin still same coin..
Evolve....break the chains...wake up already...labels should be on foods not on people....for free education...for real justice...for with and in PEACE...for Fair Trade no free oppressive trade....against the stop the oil bring our soldiers have a peace of mind in all concerns ADDRESSED all of them...public banks...public jails...real solutions...
Do you really trust these spoiled rich bullies children with nuclear weapons?...if they feel like they won't care about you...their actions in the past have shown...they got their bunkers and jets ready do you?
Evolve break free and join the global cry for change..
We and by the people...we are the majority unite not divide is only 1 planet..
We must empower nations not slave them or abuse them for their resources..
Corporations are destroying HUMANITY and the PLANET...AND WE ARE LETTING THEM BY ELECTING THEIR PUPPETS!...wake more wars no more injustices no more empty lies of better from the same!
Unite be part of the future now is becoming increasingly important to switch you all's thinking of hate..blame the real problem...not the victims of the OPPRESSION...stop the real bullies NOW NOT LATER.
Please...51% and growing don't identify with either party...any side of the coin...same coin....we are the majority...and most DON'T KNOW OF THE ALTERNATIVE.....
“There is an occasion where a third party actually won a presidential election coming into it at as a third party. And that was a time of extreme social upheaval, like what we’re in right now,” Stein said. “His name was Abraham Lincoln.”

The right leader for all wrongs addressed...check her facebook page....her plan...learn...act...share...can vote or make this a reality...for all not the few...united we stand for change..justice ...prosperity and preservation...the only diplomat...not sold out to corporations...the intelligent not later we may not have that
For we the people for and by the people for the planet!!!