Thursday, January 28, 2016

Richard's Trout Capitalism and Flint.

Add the human species to these. 

Sean O'Torain.

Thank you Richard for your piece about seeing the trout. Think about it. I read where about half the species are either already wiped out or about to be wiped out. We have to use our imagination and think about this. All the tiny creatures that we cannot even see, but also the big ones, the panda, the rhino, the elephant, the whale, the dolphin, the chimp, the salmon, my wee chihuahua and his buddies, they will all be wiped out if capitalism continues. And of course we the human species also. Todays infants will be very unlikely to survive to old age. The human species will not survive. This is the inevitability reality if capitalism survives.

And do not be confused. This is also connected to Flint. And even more so it is connected to capitalism. Even the most outspoken on Flint that are allowed on the mass capitalist media such as Michael Moore will not tell it as it is. They say that Flint like Katrina is not a natural disaster. They are right there. But they then stop half way and this is where they are wrong. They say the Flints, the Katrinas, the wiping out of the species are not natural disasters they say they are man made disasters. This is not correct. They are not man made disasters or man and woman made disasters.  They are capitalist disasters. It is the mad addicted criminal capitalist system and the mad addicted criminal capitalist class that runs that system that is responsible for the wiping out of the species, for the Katrinas, for the Flints. To paraphrase a well known capitalist politician when it comes to the Flints, the Katrinas, the destruction of the species: "It is capitalism stupid."

 We the working class has the responsibility to save life on earth. We are the only force that can do so. Our responsibility is to dedicate our lives to identifying capitalism as the cause of the crisis of the species and of life on earth, and to dedicate our lives to overthrowing the criminal capitalist class and to ending their criminal capitalist system. I will have a pet at my wee chihuahua here now. The Short, as he is known. Unless capitalism is overthrown neither his descendants nor mine will be around for much longer.

And a PS. Where are trade union leaders in relation to Flint. This bureaucratic caste hold the trade union movement in chains, hold it totally subservient to the capitalist class and its offensive. The action of the capitalist class in bringing about Flint in the interests of their profits is criminal. The inaction of the trade union leadership in relation to Flint is also criminal. They are sacrificing the people of Flint to their cozy relationship with the bosses and their capitalist system and their parties and their own vastly over paid jobs.  They have to kicked out. A new fighting movement of the working class has to be built.

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