Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Emanuel took $50,000 donation from Trump. Emanuel must go.

Kick them out of the US?  Why not? They do far more damage than a whole nation of Muslims
By Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

The gangsters that rule us.

Rahm Emanuel, the former IFD man, destroyer of schools and public education, good friend of Obama is having a hard time of it. His murderous police force is under attack and the Justice Dept. is heading an investigation.  The FBI cannot stay mum any longer and is claiming it will keep a closer eye on the number of people murdered, er I mean shot by police.

Emanuel, like all the Wall Street politicians is well connected but we should keep the pressure on.

They all stick together these characters and they stuck together when Rahm needed money to become mayor of the country’s third largest city. In his campaign for mayor he raised millions, 11.8 million in the last six months of 2010 according to Forbes. Emmanuel’s brother Ari is a Hollywood agent and he got plenty of cash from this den of iniquity.

Steven Spielberg handed over a cool $75,000. Spielberg should appreciate Rahm’s IDF stint, he makes movies about women’s oppression and American racism (Color Purple), religious oppression  (Schindler’s List) and other socially conscious movies, (Saving Private Ryan), not too many about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians though.

Another TV tycoon Haim Saban and his wife donated $500,000. Mortimer Zuckerman another media billionaire kicked in. Other billionaires that backed Emanuel and have contributed to the war on education, the teachers union that is facing as many as 1000 Rahm layoffs, and the shutting down of many schools, mostly schools in communities of color include:

Citadel’s Ken Griffin who I believe is Chicago’s richest man.
Eli Broad, who is also a keen opponent of public education and a privateer.
Nelson Pelz, chairman of Wendy’s and Arby’s
Ron Perelman, the leveraged buyout king whose wealth is $12.3 billion according to Forbes
Marc Lasry, another coupon clipper worth $2 bn
Eric Lefkofsky co-founder of Groupon gave Rahm  $100,000
Facebook co-founder Sean Parker gave him $100,000

Steve Jobs donated money as did David Geffen, reputed to be Hollywood’s richest man worth $7 billion according to Forbes.

Perhaps the friend and patron of Rahm that sparks my interest most is Donald Trump. Trump donated $50,000 to Emanuel’s campaign

All these people are guilty of decimating Chicago’s public education system. They are guilty of a war on education and in particular communities of color. Emanuel’s war on people of color through his police department is far more brutal but all of these is proof he needs to go.  The game that was being played here was get Rahm in to the White House. That’s what these wasters were ponying up for. Having the president of the US in your camp, or your pocket, brings huge rewards.

But it is proof positive that no matter who replaces Rahm Emanuel if the people of Chicago can force him out and we hope they do, is that the next guy will be serving the same masters. They are all complicit in the plundering the wealth of US society that its working class people create. We will never solve the direct cause of these present protests, racism, police brutality and the actual murder of black people in particular nor the crisis in society in general from education to housing.

We have a crisis of capitalism. The system is beyond its expiration date and we will only resolve or begin to seriously resolve the crises we face, in particular the looming environmental catastrophe that will destroy life on this planet as we know it, if the working class wrests control of the machine from the present clique that has it.

A democratic socialist system of production is the only way out. There is, as Thatcher once said of capitalism, no alternative.

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Sean said...

Trump gave $50,000 to Emanuel. Makes sense. One multi millionaire paying another multi millionaire to keep working people down. Kick Emanuel out. But wait a moment. Where are the leaders of the 320 union locals in Chicago and the leaders of the Chicago Federation of Labor with its half million members. Not a peep out of these boot lickers of the bosses. They are not calling to kick Emanuel out. They are hiding with their mouths shut. Like Daly before him Emanuel gives these union bureaucrats the odd crumb of the table. As well as kicking Emanuel out we need to build a movement to kick all these so called union leaders out. Let them go and get a proper job. Let us have fighting workers representatives in the leadership of the unions. And along with this let us talk about the so called police union. This as presently constituted is not a union. Things will have to be changed there too. Sean.