Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chicago Union speaks out against cop violence.

 Sean O'Torain

The Executive Board of The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241, representing 10,000 working families in the Chicago region including CTA and PACE bus drivers, maintenance and clerical workers, met yesterday. We voted for the following resolution:
"ATU local 241 condemns racist cop terror, as gruesomely displayed in the murder of a black youth, Laquan McDonald, by the the Chicago Police. Our ATU Local knows firsthand about racist cop brutality. Local 241 takes a stand and will issue a statement to be sent to all area unions against the killing of Laquan McDonald and all racist cop terror, as well as the City Hall cover up. We urge all unions to do the same."

We left the board meeting to read the statement at the demonstration in downtown Chicago.

The EC of ATU Local 241 is an example to all union members and locals and bodies. The cop violence that is being used today mainly against minority youth will increasingly be used against trade unionists and workers in the future as they fight to defend their jobs and wages and conditions. There are 320 union locals in the Chicagoland area. There are half a million workers in unions affiliated to the Chicago Federation of Labor. These forces, potentially the most powerful force in the city, must follow the lead of ATU local 241. The trade union movement in Chicago has the power to stop cop violence. It must mobilize its resources to do so. it must take to the streets along with the anti cop violence movement. If it does not then it risks itself being isolated when the cops, on behalf of the bosses come after the trade union movement and all workers. The trade union leaders in the Chicago Federation of Labor must be called to account. They must stop cozying up to the Democrats and their right wing vicious representatives such as ex Wall Street and Zionist Emanuel and lead their movement. If they do not they must be removed. 


Unknown said...

Thank you for helping to get this message out. Allies who want to help our union can call our union office at 312 342 1733.

Towards the confidence, consciousness and unity of working people,

-erek slater
Chicago public transit bus driver,
Elected union steward and executive board member, Amalgamated Transit Union, local 241

Richard Mellor said...

Good work Eric.