Monday, November 2, 2015

They are all monsters - Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Karimov.

Kerry greets Karimov, monster who boils his opponents alive. 
Sean O'Torain.

The staggering hypocrisy and the lies. They are all monsters. I am talking about Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Karimov - the lot of them. Now you maybe think I am being a bit hard here. And who is this Karimov? Well, please read on.

Karimov is the President of Uzbekistan. He has held that position for a quarter of a century, even though the country's constitution says he should have stepped down after two terms.

Kerry the US secretary of State, has just visited and met with this person. Hilary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, also met with him. This is part of building connections with regimes which are useful to US corporations' interests.  The US wants Uzbekistan's help in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and in building a five nation trade block in Central Asia. Obama is fully behind his secretaries of state meeting with this monster. He describes it as part of the US policy of building links with regimes that "champion the values of who we (that is the US) are." Let us have a look at these values of this regime of Karimov which Obama, that slick, vicious, capitalist politician says are the same as those of the US. Is he speaking in our name when he says what he does about Karimov?

Karimov keeps power by shooting down hundreds in the streets. He keeps power by crushing human rights. He keeps power by refusing to answer questions from journalists about human rights. When Kerry was there meeting with him at a joint press conference, a Washington Post writer asked about human rights, and the journalist was put out of the room by a combined bunch of Uzbek and US thugs. They were no doubt upholding the "values of who we are." Of course, in the secret, so called diplomatic papers of the US government, it is a different story. Wikileaks published one such document written by the US embassy in Uzbekistan. And it should know. This document stated that the regime was a "nightmarish world of corruption, organized crime, forced labor in the cotton fields and torture." But that is not the worst of it; not even near the worst of it.

The ISIS group seeking to create a state in the Middle East is quite correctly and unconditionally condemned for beheading its prisoners and burning some of them alive. The Saudi regime, which beheads far more prisoners than ISIS, is of course not condemned, as the US government wants them and their oil, and they, of course, "champion the values of who we are." And they are also good friends of the Bush gang. But back to the Karimov gang. What does Karimov do to his opponents? Its even worse than beheading. At least that is quick. No. He boils them alive. Boils them alive!!! Its almost unbelievable. And Kerry and Obama supports this monster claiming to do so in the name of the American people. Jesus, the Obamas and Kerrys and Clintons would make you sick.

What did Kerry say when was in Uzbekistan? He actually praised the Karimov regime which boils people alive. He praised it for "what it does to preserve its history and culture, and some of the architecture," and compared this to ISIS and "what it is doing in the world today."

These people like Kerry, Obama, Clinton, and before them the Bushes, who represent the US capitalist class, have been and are systematically destroying the Middle East. And they are doing so claiming their murderous actions represent the will, "the values" of the American people. While this is going on, the US trade union leaders support the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Kerrys.

There is not hope from there, from this bunch of cowardly trade union, pro capitalist bureaucrats.  It is up to the American working class. The American working class must get off its ass, open its mouth, speak and take action. These US political monsters and the American corporations they represent do not speak for or act in the interest of the American working class. Unless these monsters and their actions are stopped, then there will be more and more hatred built against the American people. And it will not just be hatred in foreign lands. This will find a way to express itself on US soil.  Security in the US means ending the US imperialist slaughter abroad and the supporting of regimes of torture abroad.

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