Thursday, November 12, 2015

Question for SA on Postal Union and Sanders.

Sean O'Torain.

Question for SA on Postal Union and Sanders. 

I would like to ask Socialist Alternative what its position is on the postal union endorsing Sanders, one of the candidates for presidential nominee of the capitalist Democratic Party. I ask because the SA speaks so glowingly of Sanders that I wonder do they advocate that the unions such as the postal union and other unions endorse Sanders. If not why not.

What is your thinking on this?  Did you vote against the postal union endorsing Sanders. Did you speak against it endorsing Sanders. If not why not. After all you speak so positively about Sanders and pose arm in arm with him clarification is necessary. Surely you could not have sat quiet. Please explain. Comrades and brothers and sisters in the SA you have tied yourselves in knots with your wrong position on Sanders.

You should have from the beginning taken the position of those of us in Project For A Working Peoples World (PWPW) and come out definitively against supporting Sanders, a nominee for the capitalist party the Democrats, and a Zionist. You should now break from your past incorrect methods and openly and publicly admit to your mistakes. You should accept your mistake in relation to Sanders. This is impossible to deny. Sanders himself has recently and openly rejected the idea that he is a socialist and insisted that he is a loyal member of the Democratic Party. What more can you put up with?  Of course in an effort to keep his idealistic youth base he will still mumble the S word now and then. He has even claimed that the cops are socialist. Please SA do yourself a favor and accept that you  have made a bad mistake

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