Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris: Unconditional condemnation of killings. Unconditional condemnation of Imperialism.

Paris after the bombings  and killings. 
Sean O'Torain.

Two members of the Irish Parliament. Mike Wallace and Clare Daly, have spoken out and extended their sympathy to the victims of the Paris killings. They have also called on France to stop their "militarization of the world." They are under severe attack. I post this in their support. 

I am proud of you Clare and Mike for speaking out. Imperialism, including French imperialism carved up and plundered and invaded the Middle East for centuries.

They used the most reactionary flunkies as their front people. When these were no longer useful they overthrew them and murdered them, Hussein, Ghaddafi etc,. IS is a monstrous outfit. Its activities in Paris and elsewhere have to be unconditionally condemned. Project for a Working Peoples World (PWPW) of which I am a member unconditionally condemn them.

But we have to see who IS learnt these methods from. And not only that, US imperialism when it overthrew Hussein disbanded the Iraqi army, mainly Sunni. many of these forces went on to form IS.They are now trying to set up their state, the caliphate, the way imperialism set up its states in the past, by slaughter and mass murder.

Britain, the USA, France, Germany, etc. did not come about by peaceful discussions around tea and sandwiches. Of course it is a different period now and new national formations and states are not the way of the future. Instead it is the break up of existing states.

The PWPW unconditionally condemns the slaughter in Paris. PWPA  unconditionally condemns those who murdered Paris workers and youth. PWPA unconditionally condemns IS.  But PWPW also unconditionally condemn imperialism which created the conditions for these monstrous attacks and the monstrous IS outfit and the destruction of the entire Middle East. And by the way, on top of this slaughter in Paris we have the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe.

This another legacy of imperialism. No doubt the extreme right in Europe will blame these poor people for the attacks in Paris. People who are completely innocent of these and who only want to get to a place where they can have a job, food to eat, a roof over their head, clothes on their back, education and health care. 

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