Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Netanyahu the Holocaust denier talks peace.

It's nauseating to listen to this. I don't know who is more nauseating Netanyahu of the interviewer. Of course we can't expect much else from the President of this right wing think tank, Neera Tanden.

Glenn Greenwald describes it clearly:

  1. That was thoroughly gross and nauseating
  2. If laughs any more uproariously at Netanyahu's "jokes," I'm concerned she'll deprive herself of oxygen. Is there a medic there?

    I was thinking about the Arab uprisings, what we call the Arab Spring of 2011 that began in December 2010 with the overthrow of Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator.

    It must have sent shock waves through the corridors and planning rooms of the Pentagon.  After Ben Ali, Mubarak fell, then the Ali Saleh in Yemen who'd been in power for 30 years. All these murderous thugs were US flunkies, propped up, armed and funded by the US taxpayer.

    The US hung on to Mubarak as long as possible, after all, he was considered a friend by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton referred to him as "like family".

    The oppressive regimes in the Middle East were all suspect.  The Saudi's are only kept in power as recipients of billions of dollars of weapons of mass destruction from the US. These regimes, the Zionists included, are very profitable for the US arms industry.

    But I see this week a couple of what are euphemistically referred to in the US media as "government contractors" working for DynCorp were shot in Jordan and others injured. This is another regime kept alive through western arms and money and also a potentially unstable regime.  The rest of the world knows these people are not contractors in the sense the average worker understands the term unless we're talking about hit men of the organized crime kind. These people are mercenaries employed by the largest and most efficient organized crime syndicate on the planet. US capitalism.

    DynCorp, a major Pentagon and state dept contractor, is described in official circles as as a logistics outfit. The WSJ says it "..employs many former service members and police officers in defense-related logistical and training positions across the world."

    If the average US citizen wants to know why our living standards are falling to third world levels and social services along with it, not to mention Social Security under threat and the retirement age increasing as opposed to declining, this is why. Supporting murderers like Netanyahu and every ruthless dictator that is willing to oppress their own population's democratic rights in the service of US corporate profits that' the price of freedom.

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