Friday, October 2, 2015

USA: Sick society, extreme alienation, easy access to guns = mass killings.

Sean O'Torain.
A sick society with its extreme alienation, easy access to weapons equals the mass killings.  

Yes the US  is mad with its easy access to guns. Driven into this insanity by the influence of the profit addicted gun industry and its snake the NRA. This is all about profit. This is what drives the NRA. This outfit has to be taken on.

There has to be back ground checks of a strict character, maybe even limiting one gun per person or maybe even banning automatic weapons. But not banning all guns as this would leave the capitalist state with the monopoly. 

Of course it is not all about guns. It is also about a very sick society. In Switzerland I think if I am right, has everybody have a gun. Canada has lots of guns. But there is nothing like the slaughter there that there is here. Of course guns are a factor as we saw when Australia took some measures to restrict guns and this reduced the killings. But we are also talking here about a very sick society. One that has so many people in extreme alienation and despair and without any identity and with such easy access to weapons, it is this combination that leads to the slaughters. 

The capitalist press is always on about the danger of IS jihadists getting over here and killing Americans. It does not seem they need these. It is Americans killing Americans we see every day. Apparently if you take a mass killing as four or more this is called a mass killing. There has been one of these every single week for the past few years. Imagine what would be going on if IS jihadists were killing so many people and on so many occasions.

Then there is the whining of the capitalist politicians. They are the ones that take the money off the NRA and provide the guns. Then there are the ones who make speeches about how their heart goes out etc. But none of them are prepared to take on the NRA and the profit addicted gun industry. I see Obama said people should elect politicians to change things. Well they elected him and what did he do? Or what did any of the capitalist politicians they elected to Congress do?

It is blame the people again time. We live in a sick profit addicted capitalist society where so many people are alienated and just about all have access to guns. This is the problem. Ending the gun violence means ending this sick society.

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