Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Comrade Kshama Sawant.

Socialist Kshama Sawant. 
Sean O'Torain. 

I posted a commentary on this blog a week or so ago titled, "Sanders, Socialist Alternative and the Green Party."   I included an image of Democratic Party nominee for president Bernie Sanders and Kshama Sawant.  I included with this an image of Sanders and Comrade Sawant together. I found the image revealing in that the so-called socialist, Sanders, did not seem to be very happy at being so close to, almost in an embrace with, the open socialist Comrade Sawant. The expression on his face is one of concern and he is reluctant to put his arm around her, in fact he appears to avoid doing so. Unlike Comrade Sawant, Sanders by by scowl and his stance does not seem at all comfortable.

 A supporter of Socialist Alternative and the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) made the following comments on a list serve with regard to the image I included in my blog post. I am not on this list serve, the comments were forwarded to me. The author writes: "Some of the members on this list, through their subscription to the John Throne/Richard Mellors “Facts for Working People” blog, will have already seen this but the photo and accompanying caption to their recent issue had me laughing out loud. I will leave it to others to interpret what constitutes an “embrace” and a “scowl." I am glad I was able to give the commentator a laugh. We all need a laugh now and then. 

But back to the image: What struck me about this image and my reason for using it was Bernie Sanders obvious lack of enthusiasm at being caught in such a close embrace with a genuine socialist. I think that comes across pretty clearly in the image. The Socialist Alternative supporter who wrote the comments above seems to have missed this, not that I don’t have differences with comrade Sawant, for example I did I do not agree with her welcoming Sanders to Seattle, but this image was used to point out what Sanders not what Comrade Sawant's policies are. Sanders is no socialist. He is a Zionist and a supporter of just about every invasion and occupation of US imperialism abroad. He is for leaving the dominant sectors of the US economy in the private hands of the profit addicted capitalist class. He just wants to tax them a little more. Sanders is a leading member of the US capitalist Democratic  party, the only party which has dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations. Sanders when challenged about his so-called socialism recently claimed the US cops were a socialist organization!!!! I  could go on and on. Sanders is fully paid up committed member of the US capitalist political system. 

It would have been more interesting had the supporter of Socialist Alternative and the CWI, instead of responding to the image I used, responded to the points I made in my article and in particular shared with us the confusion, discussions and debates within Socialist Alternative and the CWI on Sanders. We could all learn from these.

The readers can judge what I put on the Blog and to what the commentator is referring for themselves by visiting the posting here. I encourage people to actually read the post as well.

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