Thursday, September 3, 2015

Refugees Crisis: A direct result of capitalist criminality.

Heart Breaking of Capitalism Criminality.
Sean O'Torain.

I had a lot of things to do today. But so far I have got none of them done. I was interrupted. First I wept in rage at the image of the little boy dead on the beach in the Mediterranean. Then I wept in rage at the image of the elderly lady crawling under razor wire to get to Hungary. Then I wept in rage at the image of the family at Budapest railway station throwing themselves on to the tracks to try and stop a train so they could get on board. Then I wept at the families, adults, little children, teenagers climbing through the windows of trains to try to get to Germany. This is capitalism, this is imperialism,this is horror without end. What we are watching is the process where the major imperialist powers over centuries have plundered and divided the countries of the Middle East and now the peoples of these countries cannot find anyway to live and are coming to try and get some of this plunder back, that is get a job and a roof over their head.

I was further interrupted in my work today because I had to leap from my chair and scream at the TV. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I had to scream at the dirty hypocrites and mass murderers and war criminals such as the political leaders of the major imperialist powers. The Merkels, the Hollandes, the Camerons, the Obamas, the lot of them. Dirty cruel war criminals. Standing comfortable behind their rostrums pontificating about what they could not do. Not a single one of them taking responsibility for the catastrophe they and their class have caused to these millions of people of the Middle East. Them in their expensive suits and their well groomed hair and their lies and their back up PR teams and mass media liars. These are the criminal scum of the earth.

Let us not lose sight of the big picture. It was they and other similar politicians on behalf of their capitalist classes, their oil and gas industries, their military industrial complexes, who over the centuries divided up and robbed the Middle East. They then placed their thug dictators in power. Then when these outlived their usefulness they overthrew them and placed others in power. In the process they divided peoples along the lines of religion and race. Then time after time they invaded directly, most recently Afghanistan and Iraq, and of course they played their dirty games in Syria and all the Arab world, in Iran and with their stooge Zionist regime in Israel. Then when the masses in the Arab world rose up against these stooges of imperialism in the Arab Spring the leaders of the major imperialist powers stepped up their divide and rule tactics and repression and the whole region has come apart. Tens of millions do not know where they will end up in the future and not even the years in the future but in the next day, in the next hour. Countries are being divided in pieces, Syria, Iraq, new entities such as under ISIS are being created. The Middle East is being blown apart by the major  the major imperialist powers.

And for those of us who think that the catastrophe of watching our child washed up dead on a beach, watching our elderly family member crawling under razor wire, watching our family members throwing ourselves on railway tracks, climbing through train windows to try and get somewhere we could sleep and eat will never come to us, please do not have such illusions. The Middle east is coming apart. But it is just in advance of what capitalism is bring to all of our doors. Africa especially the Congo area is not far behind. Asia, Latin  America, all live on the backs of a mass working class of poverty wage workers. This will not last,

The world economy is heading for a new economic collapse. When it does the imperialist countries such as the US, Europe and the lot will come apart also. Europe is already well down that road. the US lives on its borrowed money. It is militarily, stuck in wars abroad it cannot win, politically its main parties especially the Republican party is worse than a joke. Ever day there are mass shootings. And with only 5% of the worlds population it has 25% of the worlds prisoners. And do not think that the refugee crisis of Europe does not exist in the US also. The idiot Trump wants to deport 11 million undocumented workers. And do not think that somebody like this idiot Trump could not get elected in the US.

Europe and the Middle East are at the forefront of the world capitalist crisis. But the rest of the world is following fast behind. A new economic catastrophe, new and more developed refugees crises, new wars, climate change, droughts , floods, pollution, imperialism is rushing towards the edge of a precipice with its eyes shut. The working class is the only force that can avert disaster. It can only do this by overthrowing capitalism and building a new international socialist world. But the leaders of the working class have their eyes even more tightly closed than the imperialist leaders. They cling to These labor leaders cling to capitalism in terror.  They are a disgrace as they support the present system. They too, by their refusal to take on and fight to end capitalism, are also part of the criminal elite.

All of these forces are directly responsible for the dead body of that young boy on the beach.

And a PS. Do not swallow the lie of imperialism that they do not have the resources to help the refugees and to end world hunger and poverty and war. US imperialism alone has over 180 military  bases worldwide. What do they do with these. They use them to keep down the working class and stand against their rivals, anybody who might rise against them. Do not get me wrong. Imperialism will never use these resources to help people in need. I do not call on them to do so. I want these forces all dismantled. It is only by ending imperialism that the horrors we are now watching can be ended.

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