Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope: Undemocratic anti women leader of main church of capitalism.

The all male unelected so called cardinals that are a dictatorship over the 1.2 billion members of the Catholic church. 

Sean O'Torain.

Who is this pope person who has visited Cuba and is now visiting the USA? And what is the purpose of his visits. The mass media of capitalism, the leaders of capitalist America, Obama, the lot of them, are all turning out to kiss his boots. Then there is his own garb, the fancy robes, the up held hands like he has some supernatural power. The washing of some little child's feet. Sure mothers do this for their children everyday. Then surrounded by all men in different garb, with their red belts and hats. What is this? What is going on? First of all these rituals and costumes are meant to set the Catholic church apart from ordinary people and to intimidate us. They do not work with me. I know what is what.

The Catholic church is the main church of capitalism. It has 1.2 billion members. It has over half a million full time organizers, they call them popes, cardinals, bishops, priests. But what they are is  full time organizers and propagandists for capitalism. Think about it. Do these hundreds of thousands of full time organizers use their buildings, churches, schools etc., to make propaganda for socialism? No way! Then they have the second tier full timers who do the mainly manual labor, that is the hundreds of thousands of nuns. The also make propaganda for capitalism. The leaders of this church are all men. It believes women are inferior and therefore cannot have leading positions.

This organization has what are known as investment funds. These invest its vast wealth day by day world wide. Its wealth is not confined to the Vatican's walls. It hides its wealth through the usual capitalist swindles. Just try and take any of it. When this pope who poses as a kind and humble person went back to Latin America he apologized in words for his organization's role in plundering the continent. But of course he did not bring back any of the loot it had taken and which it used at the time to rebuild the crumbling church in Europe. To add insult to injury he has now made a "saint" (whatever that is. I think I will get a few pals to declare me a saint, make up a story about a virgin get a white robe and it would be all go from then on.) of a Catholic full time organizer who traveled with the Spanish conquistadors in California, stole the wealth and enslaved the native people. Some native people protested this spitting in their face out side this pope person's  meeting in New York.

When Stalinism was collapsing in Easter Europe and Russia the popes of that time met regularly with a representative of the US governments, of US imperialism. The purpose was to work out a strategy and tactics to ensure that when Stalinism collapsed it would be replaced with capitalism and not democratic socialism. They succeeded in this and so followed the massive poverty, inequality and wars of post Stalinist capitalism. This is why this pope person was in Cuba. He is wanting to help overthrow the Stalinist regime in Cuba and get capitalism restored, and he is wanting to make sure that democratic socialism will not follow. He wants post Stalinist Cuba to be like the rest of Latin America, that is a wasteland of mass poverty dominated by US imperialism and in which the Catholic church gets what it sees as its property back.

Finally to this popes role in the so called dirty wars in Latin America. In the 1970's and 1980's mass left movements developed in Latin America. US imperialism trained and financed extreme right wing dictatorships to put these movements down in blood. Favorite tactics were right wing military regimes such as in Chile and this pope persons Argentina. In these left wing activists were murdered by the tens of thousands. Many were taken in helicopters out over the ocean and dropped alive into the waters below.

What role did this pope person play in this? He stood aside and let this slaughter go on. He even let members of his own Catholic church who were organized in the Liberation Theology, a left faction in the Catholic church, be slaughtered. He has whimpered that he could have "done more." maybe he would like to spell this out. He is a hypocrite and right wing pro capitalist politician and reactionary.

Nobody who believes in a decent life for all humanity, nobody who believes that capitalism is destroying the climate and threatens life on earth, should belong to the undemocratic, capitalist, anti women Catholic church. The authors of this blog are atheists. This is our position. However we understand that there are many people who are carried away with the myths and drama and lies of the Catholic church hierarchy. If you cannot leave this organization we advocate at least this.

Organize within it. Build an organized opposition for a democratic internal life, elect all positions, organize for equality for all women, LGBT, open us a debate on how this organization got its wealth and how to distribute its wealth, how to end capitalism. But be warned when the leadership of this organization has been challenged in the past it has resorted to the most extreme methods to defend stay in power. Including violence, as explained above with the Liberation theology group. And of course there is the Spanish inquisition, the slaughter of the peoples of the Americas and on and on. If you cannot leave and you decide to stay in, then organize, but in doing so recognize what you are up against. You are not dealing with some old man who pretends to be humble. You are dealing with a regime which when challenged resorts to the most vicious methods and with an old man who understands this and who will use these methods again if they are necessary.  

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