Friday, September 18, 2015

Obama upsets Vatican. Invites shady characters to Pope's welcome ceremony.

Oh dear, the Vatican Inc. is quite mad at US president Barack Obama. Is it because he’s a Muslim you ask? No, of course not.  Because he’s a socialist? No, no, not that either. It appears the Obama administration is inviting some guests to the pope's welcoming ceremony he doesn’t want to be seen with.  You see, the see is worried, I mean the Holy See is worried, “….that any photos of the pope with these guests could be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities.”

It can’t be Obama himself is it? How could the man nicknamed the Drone King not go to his own party?  Is it that Russian?  Is it Putin? Can’t be. Putin has no time for all that same sex marriage stuff and simply can't abide gays. Their posture is all wrong and they walk funny. No sir. Pope likes Vlad.

Perhaps it’s  Merkel? Nope, nope, can't be Merkel. She came from the Satan infested relic called East Germany and has helped to lead one of the world's leading free market economies. Pope is very impressed with the way she dealt with those lazy Greeks. Merkel is good.
Don’t tell me Obama has invited the war criminal Netanyahu?  No way, that’s a real nasty character.  Obama wouldn’t put Francis in a position like that; he wouldn’t come to the meeting. Netanyahu is a notorious racist and killer.
Asking god for help
Perhaps its that Queen of England. After all, she got rich plundering the rest of the world and her ancestors told the Vatican to keep its nose out of her business. They were so mad they  dumped them and joined the Luther crowd.
No, it's none of these fine people. The guests in question are LGBT activists and others who support same sex marriage and other such Satanistic activities. Sister Jane Campbell is a dodgy character the Vatican is a bit cautious of. She is the Executive Director of a network known as the Catholic Social Justice Lobby based in Washington. Sister Campbell drafted a letter signed by 60 other "heads of religious orders" urging Congress to pass the health care bill.  This bill is satanic scripture that provides funding for abortions and forces insurers, "including Catholic institutions", to provide contraceptives. How can they breed more Catholics if they wear these condom things? Sister Campbell (right) is a great threat to womanhood and  the Catholic church. She is a negative influence on young women and the pope cannot possibly be seen in a photo with her.

One dangerous nun.
The pope certainly can't be photoed with Bishop Gene Robinson, a very dangerous anti-god man and out and out pervert. He is an "ex spouse" in a same sex marriage. Oh my lord.

Look at his pink shirt.
Pink shirt. No.

And worse of all, someone the pope could never be photoed with is this Vivian Taylor.  She might be an Iraq veteran but there are limits.Obama invited her to the pope's welcome ceremony. Disgraceful. And she's bringing someone else with her. She is head of a, gulp!, LGBT advocacy group.
definitely not.

No, our pope is very picky about who he has his picture taken with. He is, after all, a man of god. In fact he's god's vicar.

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BenL8 said...

Obama must have a bee in his bonnet. Bonnet? Well, yes. Is he anti-Catholic because Justice Roberts and so many of those right-of-right supreme justices are Catholic? Why not have the supremes meet his supreme in the office of the supreme?