Friday, August 28, 2015

Katrina. Its no wonder.......

US capitalism's Katrina catastrophe.
Sean O'Torain.

Its no wonder the US has one of the lowest turnout of voters in the world. It is no wonder Americans are amongst the most cynical of any other peoples in the world. All you have to do is look at some of the responses to Katrina's tenth anniversary. See our article yesterday. But look further.

Remember the idiot Bush was "in charge." The horse trainer he had put as the head of FEMA was a complete catastrophe. 1,800 people died. Tens of thousands of peoples homes were washed away. And on and on. The rest of the world watched in amazement as US capitalism showed its lack of compassion and its indifference to the people of New Orleans. We even had the big mouth mother of the idiot Bush saying that the thousands of people who had to go into the sports stadium with insufficient, toilets, bathrooms, food supplies etc. probably were living better than they had been in their own homes.

Now we have Obama and a bunch of wimp Democrats heading down to New Orleans. Are they there to condemn Bush as he should be condemned? Not a bit of it. One of the top Democrats even said he had done a good job. And Obama. Now I am inclined to call him a wimp. He refuses to stand up to the racism in society and the police killings of young black men. But he is not a wimp. He is an extremely conscious leading member of the US capitalist class. Above all they live by the following rule. Do not rock the capitalist boat. Yes take the odd snide poke at each other, but when it comes to the big issues do not rock the boat. And also when it comes to Democrats versus Republicans do not do anything that will make it impossible for the other to rule.

So Obama does not condemn Bush for Katrina. Bush is an absolute disgrace. A cruel and arrogant creature. He even has the effrontery to visit New Orleans tomorrow. But Obama is not much better. To go to New Orleans and not condemn Bush is also an absolute disgrace. But then as a conscious bourgeois politician and ex big shot in the Harvard Law Review he knows the score. Do not rock the capitalist boat.

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