Monday, August 17, 2015

Backing wee Mister Corbyn. Maybe a poem.

Jeremy Corbyn.


Sean O'Torain.

Backing the wee man. 

He's not Blair, 
He's not Brown,
He's not any of the other clowns. 
He's not a war criminal, 
Not a multimillionaire 
From telling war criminals what they want to hear. 
He seems to be just a decent sort of a wee man. 
In these times of "austerity", they are hard to find. 

Now the crowd I used to run with, the rrrrevolutionaries, 
They will be gearing up, 
Getting out the mega phones,
The wee man is not clear on this, 
The wee man is not clear on that. 
And I have no doubt they are right. 
Myself, like all of them used to know everything about everything. 
But the question is this,
How come there are tens of thousands following wee Mister Corbyn,
And the rrrrevolutionaries are a bit thin on the ground. 

Maybe there is after all something we did not know. 
I have concluded it is this, so simple. 
I never did know everything and I never will. 
A bit of humility is called for. 
So wee Mister Corbyn I am backing you. 
Sure I will watch you. 
But not with the eyes of a hawk.
Not with the eyes of an arrogant rrrevolutionary predator 
But with the eyes of somebody who wants to work with you to make some changes for the better. 

Now do not get me wrong. 
I am still a revolutionary, just not a rrrrevolutionary.
Life and the years have educated me a bit. 
I know now what I did not know before. 
I do not know everything. 
I know that dialogue is more important than monologue.
I know that my ears are just as important as my mouth. 
So good luck wee Mister Corbyn. 
Stand up to the war criminals and the monsters.     
Do your best.
Give the working people a fair shot.   

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