Friday, June 19, 2015

Act now to rid South Carolina of the racist flag.

Left: The only flag flying full-staff on the grounds of South Carolina’s Capitol in the wake of Wednesday’s massacre of nine black people in a Charleston church was the Confederate one.

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I think I read today that the racist confederate flag that flies over the South Carolina Capitol cannot be removed by the governor, it has to be removed by the Assembly apparently.  OK, but that means that there are names and faces behind the decision to allow that symbol to hang there.   Just because some written words, some racist law, allows this symbol to stay doesn't mean the governor, or more appropriately the population of SC can't take action including those politicians that voted or opposed this symbol.

The politicians that support it should be named. Their homes should be picketed. if they have businesses then these should be boycotted and picketed. South Carolina has an AFL-CIO labor federation, this body should put its resources at the service of the opposition to the flag and call for pickets, boycotts, and rallies against those politicians whose votes keep that flag up there and their businesses if they have them. It's a disgusting insult to black folks and to all workers to have that flag on a public building. It''s also disrespectful to those that fought and died on the Northern side. It is the war that cost the most American lives, some 800,000 thousand.

These people probably go to church, their religious institutions should be approached and asked to expel them. If they don't then they should be picketed.  Where they shop should be picketed and the people informed that they support the displaying of racist and anti-worker symbols. This is what the people who are gathering and singing religious songs should do, act.

I never could understand why a white worker would support such a symbol. If the South had won that civil war then we would have no unions, no democratic rights no right to vote. The only answer to some silly white person supporting a system against their own interests is that they have such strong racist views they can't overcome them even if it means their own well being and families will suffer.

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