Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zionism drops neutron bomb on Yemen on behalf of Saudi regime, (friends of the Bush family) and US imperialism.

Additional note: 5-29-15.   8.00pm PST.
As we pointed out when we first posted this entry, we could not authenticate it or its source. We did check around and couldn't find it denied or legitimate confirmation that it was fake. We found one mention of an incident in a small column in the NY Times dated today. It read: "Yemen:  Amnesty says Antiircraft Fire by Houthis has killed or maimed scores of civilians in Sana, the capital. Amnesty International said in a report issued on Thursday. Doctors and residents told the group that the munitions were the leading cause of casualties in the city, adding to the many dangers that have confronted civilians during the conflict between the Houthis and their allies and a military coalition led by Saudi ArabiaAirstrikes by the Saudi coalition that struck weapons depots in the residential areas in the capital have also killed and wounded residents, the group found. In two recent airstrikes, residents told Amnesty that the coalition had provided no warning beforehand." 

There has also been some comments regarding the piece on the Facts For Working People Facebook page.   While we do find it unusual that there has been no confirmation of this report in the mass media or a public denial, we are well aware that there are also forces that would not want such an event to be made public so we are leaving this piece up unless it is confirmed that it is not an authentic report.  FFWP Admin.

Sean O'Torain.

We print below an article from "Veterans Today" that refers to itself as the "Journal for the Clandestine Community." We cannot authenticate this article or this Journal. through mainstream media. However we believe it is genuine. It is important to note that Jeff Smith, who is also responsible for the Veterans Today report, is a nuclear physicist and former IAEA inspector. We also believe it supports the position of this blog that unless capitalism is overthrown then at some stage a nuclear war or a partial nuclear war will take place. Capitalism and what remains of Stalinism have not accumulated up to 2,000 nuclear warheads for nothing. These systems, especially the capitalism system, driven mad by its drive for profit and control, will, if left in existence, use these weapons. The task for all working people and all people who are not driven insane by the systems that exist is to build a new international sustainable democratic socialist world without borders and without wars. The weapons must be dismantled and replaced by tools which can meet the needs of all the peoples of the world.

Here's a video that has captured the event.

Saudis Have Israel Nuke Yemen for Them
Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on May 21, 2015

Neutron bomb dropped by IAF plane with Saudi markings...
By Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, Editors

A video received from Yemen, believed to be taken May 20, 2015, of an explosion, when analyzed by nuclear weapons experts is, by very high probability, a neutron bomb that could only have been an Israeli attack.  The analysis:

A. Its not a conventional 2k lb bomb. It’s much bigger.

B. Its either a very large MOAB bigger than 4,000 lbs. or; ???? Max weight for an F-15 / 16 is about 2,000 lb payload per bomb rack making the deployment of a MOAB impossible.

C. Its appears to be a small neutron bomb. The size, color, lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away. The CCD cameras imaging device was “scintillating” (detecting Neutrons) That is the white pixel flashes in the video. When the photo has white pixel flashes in it, that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes.
If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They had big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts.

D. Delivery is most likely by an IDF F-16 with a Saudi paint job on the plane. They are not even hiding their use anymore, they just don’t publicly admit it and the IAEA does nothing or says nothing. That is the true war crime. The UN just ignores it unless the US, France or GB complains…….. Russia and China say nothing.

E. This is now the second known use of nukes in Yemen by Saudi Arabia…………..
Post Script:

A. The range of the camera is calculated to be about 4 to 5 miles from ground zero based on shock wave timing.

B.Saudi has no F-16’s. The aircraft reported to be used to droop the bomb in Yemen were F-16’s. Photos and acoustic signature confirms that the jet engines noise is from a single engine jet fighter of the F-16 type.


Stephen Perkins said...

This is an extraordinary scene! How do we stop the production and distribution of such weapons without having direct control over the government? These people are truly crazy. Imagine if the same thing were to happen in North America say in Texas or any state/region where natural resources are concentrated. It would destabilize the entire global economy.

Sean said...

Thank you Stephen for your comments. Whether these are two neutron bombs or not is not really the issue. What is the issue is what you raise. That is that the people who rule the world are mad. There is the saying: "Those whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad." Trotsky used the term :"the bourgeois are tobogganing to the edge of the precipice with their eyes shut." These are both accurate in the world in which we are living. I think it was Marx who said that the capitalist system works behind the backs of the capitalist class. Meaning it has its own laws and these will prevail if capitalism prevails. The first and second world wars were imperialist wars as the resources and markets had been divided up between the major imperialist powers and the system became blocked and so to unblock it imperialism had to go to war to redivide the world. Tens of millions were slaughtered. Paradoxically the development of nuclear weapons then somewhat held the hands of imperialism. They knew that a new world war would most likely wipe them all out. So the wars since have been the cold war and the many proxy wars. But this will not continue indefinitely if capitalism lasts. Last i saw there were close to 2,000 nuclear war heads in the world. Enough to destroy life on earth as we know it many times over. And i believe this is the most important point. These weapons have not been built for fun. They have been built to be used. Israel has close to 100 nuclear war heads. Unless capitalism is overthrown then either by "accident" or by decision nuclear weapons will be used. We live in a period when the ruling classes of the world preside over a system which is truly mad and they themselves are war criminals and destroyers of the world on a level never before experienced. There were old civilizations which built the pyramids, the great cities, the remnants of which can be found beneath the oceans and in the jungles and deserts. But the ruling elites of these civilizations were not able to take these societies forward. So they sank back into the oceans, into the deserts, were grown over by the jungles and with them went the knowledge they had accumulated, astronomy, agriculture etc. Humanity had to start again with the old primitive communist societies. From these developed the slave systems, feudalism, capitalism. We are now in the historical phase of capitalism being in its death agony, being in a position where it has accumulated the knowledge to destroy the world. Humanity has two options. With this knowledge it will either build a new world of sustainable security and an end to want for all. Or it will destroy life on earth as we know it through a combination of climate change, pollution or nuclear war. This latter option will only be taken if the new progressive class, the working class takes power and builds a new world. If this class, our class fails to do this then life on earth as know it will be destroyed. We need to use our imagination. Have you seen the huge whale that was washed up dead die to its innards being totally blocked with plastic. We live in a world of threatening catastrophe and we have only a short time to end capitalism and avert this catastrophe. Unless we end capitalism life on earth as we know it will be destroyed. The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the working class, our class. We had better live up to this responsibility. Sean Throne.