Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Terrorism: The main terrorist force is US imperialism

by Sean O'Torrain. 

The word terrorism is everywhere you look in the capitalist mass media and political discourse. There are different kinds of terrorism. There is for example mass terrorism. This would be where millions of workers would mobilize and take action, that is strike terror, in the hearts of the tiny capitalist class which terrorizes the mass of the world's population in order to loot the earth's wealth.  This kind of  mass terrorism of the world's working class to this end  would be a good thing.

Then there is individual terrorism where small groups conspire to carry out violent actions keep their plans secret, and in this way exclude the mass of the working class and confuse and undermine the confidence of the working class that it as a class can solve the problems of society. This is a bad thing.

Today the word terrorism and actual terrorism is most used by the imperialist classes worldwide to justify anything they want to do to further their own interests, to invade other countries, to occupy other countries, to tap every phone and computer, to assassinate with drones and trained killers whoever is seen as a threat to the system to. What should working people think about this? Specifically the US working class. By the way the armed state of US imperialism with its full body armor and huge military vehicles and terrorist methods of arrest, slaughters young US workers by the thousands, mainly young African American and Hispanic workers. This is terrorism. There are also the scores of extreme right wing terrorist militias in the US which US imperialism tolerates as it thinks it might need them another day.

The biggest terrorist force in the world today is US imperialism, that is the US corporations and their state apparatus. As well as terrorizing its own working class population, it has close to 200 military bases throughout the globe. They are not there to help feed the people in those countries, they are there to make these people do what US imperialism wants them to do. And if they do not do this then they will be terrorized, invaded, occupied, slaughtered.

Look at the Arab Spring. The masses of the Middle East rose up against the terrorist dictatorships which had over centuries been installed and backed up by US imperialism to make sure they could steal the oil and other resources from these countries. These were and are terrorist regimes.  Just think of the ones that are closest to US imperialism, the Zionist regime and the so-called Saudi Princes. Think about what the terrorist Saudi regime does to women and workers. These terrorist thugs are now bombing, terrorizing Yemen, with weapons provided by the terrorist US regime. The Arab Spring is fragmenting along sectarian violent lines, lines which were encouraged over the centuries by all the imperialist powers so they could divide and rule the region.

As I write, the Middle East is being destroyed by war. The Zionist regime in Israel, the various Islamic regimes, the various different versions of the Islamic religion and their regimes, and in the middle of this with their dirty fingers are all the imperialist powers. At this very minute two huge flotillas are sailing towards each other of the coast of Yemen. One is the US imperialist flotilla, the other is the Iranian flotilla. The Iranian regime also has its eyes on creating an imperialist region for itself in part of the Middle East. Each has a different proxy in the war in Yemen. One of these forces is going to have to back down or there will be some much more serious terror unleashed.

It is hard to see the Middle East not descending further into war and destruction. The seeds of this were sown by imperialism over the centuries. These seeds are cultivated by the mass poverty which grows out of the robbing of the wealth of these countries by imperialism and its stooges. Look at how desperate people in the former colonial world are. Thousands risk their lives every day in rickety boats to try to get to Europe and without a penny in their pockets.

The only alternative to this catastrophe in the Middle East and internationally, the only alternative to the terrorism of imperialism and the various religious and other individualist terrorist groups,  is working class unity with the right to self determination for all nations and the right to freedom of religion, including no religion, for all, and full equality for women, men and peoples of all sexual orientation.

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