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Obama's letter to a young girl on the primacy of US capitalism

Source: Daily Kos
Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

So this young child wrote Obama the letter on the left. It's a beautiful letter from a child writing about her gay parents and how she is inspired by Obama's statements about the LGBT community and how it's OK for two men to love one another.

The young girl has two fathers and she explains how her friends at school treat her differently and say that her situation is "gross" etc.

Obama responds to the young woman and no one, Tea Baggers and religious fanatics aside, would disagree with what he has to say about it. He says all the right things of course, diversity, love and so on. Of course, we all agree that the most important thing in a relationship is not what the people look like or their sexual orientation but that they "love" one another.

The definition of love would occupy some considerable space but let's say it is solidarity with another, a solidarity built on experience, sharing and mutual respect and equality which is not the case in so many of the official unions sanctioned by the state and religious authority.  The family in capitalist society is an economic unit, this is the most important aspect to preserve for the capitalist class. For those driven by religious ideology, this is not so much the issue and these types are threatening to tear the Republican Party apart, they don't give a damn about profit they just want to get in to heaven.  However, in all cases these cases patriarchy rules and the rights of children are limited.

After telling the young woman what she wants to hear, Obama follows up with a whole nest of lies.  "You are blessed (by Jesus and his dad I guess) to live in a country where we are born equal no matter what we look like on the outside, where we grow up or who our parents are."

This is complete nonsense. It is not simply a fairly tale, it is part of the class war that they are always accusing us of.  It is not the physical aspect of it so much as the ideological. It is taught from day one in order to construct this false idea of national unity free will. Not only does it matter what one looks like, it matters what one's gender is.  More importantly, Obama, as a major spokesperson for capitalism is bound to undermine the idea that there are classes in society.  What class on is born in to matters above all.

Obama feeds her a "Ration of shit" to put it quite bluntly. This is an expression I learned as an immigrant and joining the ranks of the blue collar American working class.  And I have to say, workers can be so profoundly poetic at time.  Rationing excrement to the populace is clearly an indication of a corrupt and completely dishonest regime. Am I supposed to believe that a baby born to an unemployed miner in the wasteland we call West Virginia has the same opportunities as a Beverly Hills baby?  Perhaps this ridiculous "born equal" idea is referring to us all being human or all coming out of the same passageway. But I think that is not what Obama and the 1% mean by this statement.

"A good rule..." Obama tells the girl, ", " to treat others the way that they treat you."

I've heard of this rule, I like it as it  does point in the right direction.  When Obama and his class attack us, we should fight back.  Obama's love of children doesn't include the children of those that he and his class have rendered homeless and fatherless through their wars on behalf of US corporations and profits though. Children in other countries you see aren't "blessed" like those of us in the US are.  This is after all, a Christian country and we all know that the Christian god in the bible was  known to have said, "Honor the moneylenders and the bankers for they shall get rich" and  "I give my blessing to the USA and only the USA".

Most workers know that this ridiculous idea that we are all born equal is nonsense. But it has a very positive affect on the self confidence of those who rule and also justifies their rule in their own mind and confirms the effectiveness of their mass propaganda that aims to convince those of us without wealth are stupid and didn't make the right decisions.  So for the rest of us it has the opposite affect. How can we be smart or inquisitive or thoughtful if we don't have money------if we're not successful like Bill Gates? Money is social power. If I have little money I have no social power. I wouldn't be a backhoe operator or Janitor if I was smart, if I had made the right decisions----it's all my fault. Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa. Love that Christian ethic. We are all born evil bastards anyway better be a rich one.

The dominant ideology in any society is the ideology of the class that governs.  Why would it not be? The class that governs owns the means of producing things, producing society's needs. They own not only the means of manufacturing physical objects of necessity or the food we eat, but also the manufacture of ideas---the state and private institutions of education are for that purpose, producing people that can make capitalism work.   The ideology of the ruling class is very strong in the universities.

In societies where racial and religious oppression on the part of the ruling class is extreme, whole groups of people are barred from access to social norms, education, business etc.  like Irish Catholics were in their own country and Africans Americans here in the US (and at all times women).  But the capitalist class at all times bars workers. Only if a worker through the necessary bootlicking and self serving individualistic approach rises out of his or her class in to the ranks of the bourgeois or upper middle class earning their living form the profit of capital as opposed to productive labor, does that individual stand any chance of attaining high ranking political positions. They must show through their actions that they have no class loyalty although it is likely they will never really be trusted.  There's a reason the brass in the military are rarely if ever from the ranks of the working class. They want people with ties to families, whole generations of them who have shown their loyalty to the system.

Why has no industrial worker, welder, nurse, social worker or train operator never become president? 

And as for small business, I mean community based businesses, this class is often appealed to by the strategists of capital as being on the team but their lot lies with the community.  This section of society is bled dry by the 1% and their institutions, Banks, insurance companies etc.

I am sure the young girl that wrote the letter above knows nothing about  Obama's assassination hit list and the drone killings, sometimes of whole families and little girls like her. 

But what the hell, they're foreigners anyway.

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