Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Allen on The Invention of the White Race

People that read or follow this blog are aware that we have given some attention to Theodore W. Allen's two volume book, The Invention of the White Race.  Allen died in 2005. Before he died Stella Winston interviewed Allen on her show, Straight Up of Brooklyn Cable TV. The interview is in two parts and part two is below. The book can be ordered from Verso at 40% off. The book is a fascinating look at how the idea of the existence of a white race arose in the continental colonies of the US with savage consequences for the completely disenfranchised African American population, but ultimately to the detriment of all workers. Jeffrey B Perry has written extensively about Allen and his book.  For further reading and to learn more about Allen's book, the Socialist Hubert Harrison and their views, visit Jeffrey Perry's website at  Prof. Perry,  also worked for the post office for many years and was active in the union movement. There is also a presentation he did on the book on his site. Allen's book and Perry's presentation are also useful for students of Irish history.

Here is part two of Stella Winston's interview.

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Kumiko said...

Also recommended in connection is the recently published "The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism", by Edward Baptist

Baptist states that the entirety of the "takeoff" phase of capitalist industrialization in early 19th century Britain - and therefore world capitalism - was fueled by the US cotton boom, borne upon the backs of Black slavery bleeding under the blows of the "whipping machine".

I thought the same before this book, which only confirms it.