Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Austerity- A fancy word for a vicious policy.

The capitalists alternative to austerity
Sean O'Torrain.

We hear all the talk about the need for an austerity solution to the economic crisis in Europe. Austerity is not a word frequently used amongst working people. This is why it is used in the capitalist propaganda media. The capitalist media is trying to hide the reality. Here is what it means to the lives of working people in Ireland.

It means forcing 31% of the population into deprivation up from 12% in 2007. It means cutting women's programs by 38%. It means cutting health care spending by 27%, drugs programs by 37% and community development programs by 44%. It does not mean austerity for the criminal owners of the big corporations. For them it means wealth unimaginable in their wildest dreams.

The capitalist governments and their corporate backers throughout Europe and internationally are all in favor of austerity programs. Not of course austerity for them. Only for the working class. They rant about the civil disobedience of the populations of the working class in countries such as Ireland and Greece. The problem is not civil disobedience. The problem is, as it is  here in the US,  too much civil obedience. What is needed is mass direct action against the offensive of capitalism, what they call their austerity policies. End all civil obedience to capitalism and its austerity programs, that is its attacks on the working class.

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