Saturday, January 10, 2015

Freedom of speech, Chelsea Manning, Snowden, Assange.

Sean O'Torrain.

This blog has and does unconditionally condemn the murders of the journalists and cartoonists in Paris. We also unconditionally condemn the hypocrites such as the leading capitalist representatives who are now stampeding to Paris to pretend they are defenders of free speech. The Merkels, the US leaders, the Camerons, the Netanyahus, the lot of the hypocrites. US imperialism and especially the Bush family are best buddies with the Saudi regime. This regime just gave a blogger 50 lashes  for what he put in his blog and according to one report he will receive 50 lashes each week until he gets 1,000.

Then there is Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Assange and the blogger in Saudi Arabia and all those who are denied the right to freedom of speech in whatever country. What about their freedom of speech?  Chelsea Manning is in solitary confinement. We call for all who support freedom of speech to support these people also.  

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