Friday, January 30, 2015

Are African Bees a greater threat to freedom than ISIS?

Where's Ronnie when we need him?
Oh my god! What an incredible victory for freedom.  According to media reports, "A US-led coalition air strike killed a chemical weapons specialist with the Islamic State group in Iraq who once worked for Saddam Hussein.” (AFP)

The “specialist” a nasty character called (according to the mass media) Abu Malik, "provided the terrorist group with expertise to pursue a chemical weapons capability,"

According to the CIA press release, er, I mean the free press release, Malik worked at a chemical plant for that former friend of the CIA, in fact a former CIA agent, Saddam Hussein. It turns out Malik also goes under the name Salih Jasim Mohammed Falah al-Sabawi, or the shortened version, Walter Mitty.

The US coalition, which includes the Saudi’s who have financed groups like ISIS in the past and who are fond of whipping people for their transgressions like advocating free speech or, if you are a woman, going out in public without a male companion, has carried out more than 2000, air raids against the “jihadists” according to reports.

Facts For Working People has received confirmation that the next target for the US military in our global struggle for world peace is African Bees. Nasty characters indeed.

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