Thursday, December 25, 2014

Video: The 1% and the Fungi wars: Socialism the only answer.

As the introduction to the above video explains, we have a bit of a crisis here at Facts For Working People.  Richard, one of the authors of the blog and a fungi enthusiast has suffered a setback. We are hoping it is temporary.

The strange fungi attack that he has experience has many possible origins. It could be that a blog entry Richard wrote a few days ago suggesting Dick Cheney should have been drug tested after shooting one of his hunting buddies in the face a few years ago upset the honorable former vice president and his friends at the CIA have retaliated.  Richard's frequent reference to former president George W Bush as the "imbecile" president could also have something to do with this unusual botanical invasion. Perhaps the suggestion that we institute a national health system in the US could be the source of this terror.  After all, these communist type health care systems do not work.  The market is the best form of health care.

We are hoping this was a freak accident rather than an act of political retaliation. We were fortunate enough to find Richard and his cell phone and being in possession of his blog password I am, as a personal and political friend, sharing this disturbing news. With a lot of praying and many donations at the button to the right we can save the life of a poor immigrant.

Leon Testikoff, for Facts For Working People
Happy Holidays

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