Sunday, December 7, 2014

People like these should not be allowed in the US

How much does it cost us to protect these two while they're here?
from Richard Mellor
 Afscme Local 444, retired

Well, some British welfare wasters are coming over here to the US, the Duke and Dukess of something.  They're not bringing their little blue blood welfare waif with them. What gets me about when they come here is I once heard a commentator say that we observe the protocol, the bowing to him and for the women, the curtseying to her and him.

But why is that?  A revolution occurred here that was supposed to put a stop to all that.  Were “schicklgruber” to have come here would we have done the.“Heil five”?  So why should we curtsey and bow to these remnants of the slothful feudal regime that held that their blood is special, which is why they all marry their relatives and so many of them were born hemophiliacs.

They should observe our customs, we don’t bow to people, especially folks like these who don’t work. We don’t call people Lord this or sir that (we have them but in a different style).

And this royal twit wants to talk about animal abuse.  He is coming as the representative of the British government apparently.  Well the British government is savaging the poor, workers, single mothers and people that actually need some sort of welfare. It is attacking economic refugees, immigrants like those that are forced to fee here What does he have to say about that.

Instead of waging a war against folks on our southern border who come here as economic migrants, desperate for food and a job, refuse entry to these two parasites.

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