Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mexico: Protesters Burn Down PRI headquarters in Guerrero

Workers and youth protesting the deaths of 43 students burned down the PRI headquarters in Guerrero today.  The state congress was also attacked and demonstrations and protests have continued throughout the week.  Reuters reports that in Guerrero's capital of Chilpancingo, members of a teachers union set fire to the session hall in the state assembly building while also torching several cars outside. The situation in Mexico is extremely volatile to say the least. Masked people supposedly student teachers  according to the Mexican media also took over a toll booth station in Chiapas.

Murillo Karam, Mexico's Attorney General stated in a press conference that the police had handed the kidnapped students over to narcotics dealers, a cartel called Guerreros Unidos and that they were then  executed, their bodies burned and thrown in a local dump.  The information came from three captured cartel members according to reports in the media.

The order for the executions came from the mayor of Iguala apparently. However, it has also been reported that remains that have been found were so badly burned that they have yet to be identified.

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