Saturday, October 25, 2014

Veolia and Richmond CA. Keep public services public

There is no way that the private sector is more efficient than the public. Of course, it depends what one means by efficiency. For the new private manager of public services it means profit, how profitable will this venture be.  For the users of public services, social need in other words, efficiency means how well that facility, that water plant, that bus service provides the service.

The private sector wants the USPS not to serve us better, the private owners would eliminate some 4000 post offices.  They want it as a profitable use of their capital. Like the efforts under way to privatize the UK's famed NHS (Health Service) the first step it to underfund and under staff these public agencies in order ensure service deteriorates and then claim the private sector is needed to come in to rescue us.  But if you don't put gas in to a car it will not run, the same with the allocation of society's wealth, its reserve capital and its labor power. We don't fund public services and instead waste trillions on warfare and conquest, then the services won't serve us properly.

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