Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The daily police harassment of black males.

One thing so many cameras have revealed more so than catching the "official" criminals in the act is catching the legal criminals in the act, of brutalizing the public I mean, especially young black males. It is not a joke that young black men need to be very careful when they are in the presence of these guys. Their partners, children are also in danger at all times. Many groups in society track acts of racism and violence against them, Jews, Asians, gays etc. But this treatment of young black men is pervasive and nothing is really done about it.

In the face of all this, the uprising in Ferguson was a pretty mild response given the severity of the problem, you have to have the patience of Job to not want to blow everyone's head off. It is fitting that there has been links made between the people of Ferguson and those of Gaza and occupied Palestine. The beefing up of the police and their militarization has increased since the occupy Movement and there's no doubt the abuse and/or police murders that are being directed against black men in the main will occur more often in white communities as well.  There is something wrong with society and the state, the capitalist state, always responds to threats or potential threats to the regime with violence.

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