Thursday, October 2, 2014

Support the movement for democratic rights in Hong Kong

Occupy Central Hong Kong Calling for international support for democracy in Hong Kong!

#DemocracyNowHK #OccupyCentral - By 李成康 Li Shing Hong, Samuel

HONG KONG, a small dot on the map, is standing up against what is arguably the most capable and successful authoritarian regime of our time - the Chinese Communist Party, and its representatives in the Hong Kong government. For days, citizens and students with nothing more than their bodies have been battling the city's increasingly violent and brutal police force. Tear gas, anti-riot police and pepper spray have already been used on defenceless students and citizens, amongst other brutal violence.

The Hong Kong Federation of Students have declared an indefinite class boycott for all universities in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions have declared an indefinite strike across the city. Read more Sign the HKCTU petition here sign Please show that you are on the side of all that stands for human rights, freedom and democratic values, because in this battle between David and Goliath, this small but defiant city cannot win without international support. Hong Kong students, workers and people will strive on even if it means facing the wrath of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments. If we succeed, this will be the first truly democratic political regime in the whole of authoritarian China. We are making history with every step we walk. Please walk with us.

Sign the HKCTU petition Take a picture of yourself and your comrades with a sign expressing solidarity with people in Hong Kong, and share it on social media using the #DemocracyNowHK and #OccupyCentral hash tags Share this story!

Statement by Hong Kong Confederation of Trade UnionsHKCTU strongly condemns the police crackdown of people’s protest by Hong Kong government Calling all workers in Hong Kong to participate in a general strike tomorrow Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) strongly condemns the police for their violent attack on unarmed students and people. We strongly condemn the government for suppressing the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly in Hong Kong. HKCTU calls for all workers in Hong Kong to strike tomorrow, in protest of the ruling of the National People’s Congress, as well as the brutal suppression of peaceful protest by the Hong Kong government. Workers and students must unite to force the totalitarian government to hand state power back to the people. Since the peaceful assembly outside the Government Headquarters on September 26th, thousands of people join and support the assembly.

The ever growing number of people maintained peace and order. Yet, the police attacked the protesters heavily with pepper spray, baton and riot squads armed with shields and helmets, while people who only had towels and umbrellas to protect themselves. In face of several rounds of suppression, protesters only raised their hands up without fighting back. In the evening of September 28th, the police furthered their attack with several rounds of tear gas. Many peaceful protesters were injured.

Workers must stand up against the unjust government and violent suppression. Workers must stand up, as the totalitarian government has to back down when all workers protest in solidarity. To defend democracy and justice, we cannot let the students fight the suppression alone. HKCTU hereby announces and calls all workers to participate in a general strike tomorrow. We demand: Police must release the arrested protesters immediately.

They must guarantee the basic human rights of the arrested protestors during retention. The government and police must stop suppressing the peaceful assembly and apologize to the people. National People’s Congress must withdraw the ‘fake universal suffrage’. The Hong Kong government must restart the consultation of political reform. Workers have been demanding a fair election system to rectify the long standing problem of the business-leaning government. However, the ‘fake universal suffrage’ framework proposed by NPC is merely ‘old wine in a new bottle’. Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying must step down to bear the responsibility of violent suppression of protest. Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union September 28th, 2014.   ITUC report here.

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