Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola. Profit addicted US health care system drops the ball.

Nurses target Wall Street.
by Sean O' Torrain

The National Nurses association is showing the way. Its members are telling it as it is. The US sickness industry are addicted to the bottom line - to profit. The privately owned hospitals and pharmaceutical industry are not concerned about peoples health they are concerned about profit. The nurses have being speaking out for a long time about the health industry not being prepared for crises such as that is developing. They have explained that the there is not sufficient protective clothing and there is not enough training.

The authors of this blog believe that the profit motive should be taken out of the health care system. We campaign for the taking of the hospitals and health care facilities and the pharmaceutical industry out of private hands. We believe this industry should be put into public ownership. And that it should be run and managed by elected representatives of all health care workers and patients and working class people in general. At the moment the boards and bodies that run the industry are stacked with representatives of the private for profit sector and its political parties. This must end.

It is obvious to anybody when you think about it that people who are elected by health care workers, including the scientists, and patients and working people in general will take decisions much more in the interest of the majority of the population than the rich capitalists and their politicians who dominate the health care industry today.

This Ebola crisis makes me think of the ads we see for medicine in the media. i have counted up to 8 side affects including some that could be fatal for some of these medicines. On top of this the US population is becoming addicted to prescription drugs. The US health care system has to stop being run for profit.

Along with this the billions, the trillions that are being spent on wars, has to be changed from being spent for this purpose and spent in stead on building decent health care system for peoples worldwide.

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