Thursday, October 23, 2014

CNN: Canadian shooter had Sudden Jihad Syndrome

From the Daily Banter

Well now we know what it's all about.  The shooter in Canada was suffering from "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" according to CNN  No mention of Canada's involvement in the US led slaughter and carnage in the Muslim world.  No mention of the destruction of Iraq and its impending fracture in to three states. No political analysis at all.  This is not new. I recall when a young US vet returning from Iraq shot his pregnant wife, his three year old daughter his three dogs and himself.  The usual psychoanalysis followed.  Was there infidelity? Financial problems? No mention of what he was forced to do while there or what he saw, like running over kids in the Humvee or seeing your mates blown to bits.  We have a new syndrome folks, not excessive shyness syndrome, restless leg syndrome, premature hair loss syndrome.  Nope, Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Quick, send some money Pfizer's way we need the pill.

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