Monday, September 29, 2014

Huge protests continue in Hong Kong Monday.

The Chinese mainland has thousands of demonstrations and protests yearly and the protests in Hong Kong continued today as the Occupy Hong Kong movement is not subsiding. The young woman in the video may well find her strategy for winning woefully inadequate if the Stalinist bureaucracy begins to feel it is losing control. Mind you, the support the movement appears to have including from workers is considerable and some steps forward may well result from these efforts.  It's hard  to judge events from afar but the bureaucracy is facing a serious movement here. Hong Kong is a global financial center and extremely important to the mainland.

Many of Hong Kong's residents are people who fled the mainland in the wake of the Chinese revolution and is it is quite likely that the genie will not be shoved back in to the bottle so easily. Here is another video shot form a drone that gives a birds eye view of the extent of the protests and the numbers involved. Here is a piece from today's Washington Post that gives a little history to the former British colony and the issues behind the protests.

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