Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Climate Change Panel on the eve of the NYC Rally.

This is a panel from the evening before the recent climate change rally in NYC. Kshama Sawant, the socialist Seattle councilor speaks around one hour and six minutes in.

So far I have only listened to her speech that was pretty good I think although she never touched on the treacherous role of the trade union leadership in our movement and organizations as defenders of the market and capitalism. Sanders spoke after her. It's hard for me to give Sanders any credibility as he pretty much acts like a left Democrat and supported the Zionist regime's murderous assault on Palestinians in Gaza. He waffles on the issue of an escalation to confront the most recent threat to the American way of life, ISIS. (It's never raised that they're a threat to corporate profits and this is Washington and Western capitalism's primary concern with them). When challenged from the floor its clear his objection is that the US should not confront ISIS alone but with an international coalition.  RM.

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