Saturday, August 2, 2014

Zionism in Ireland.

I see the call is being made by the left and radical forces and others in Ireland for the Southern government to expel the Zionist ambassador and staff. My impression is that there is a powerful mood in favor of this. 

I would like to comment. I do not think it is correct to call on the right wing government which is a stooge of US and British imperialism to do this. It will never happen. Nor do I think is it enough to just protest the slaughter in Gaza and leave it at this level. 

Here is my suggestion for the different left and activist forces. Clare Daly and Mike Wallace took direct action at Shannon. This was a very good step. They are to be congratulated. I would like to ask the left and radical forces to build on this and consider extending it. The action of Clare and Mike was direct action and it had an affect. I would like to suggest that all the left and activist forces come together and set up a united front which would commit itself to mass direct action to evict the Zionist representatives out of Ireland thought its own mass direct action methods. It would not be the first time that mass direct action was taken against a foreign embassy. Bloody Sunday? 

What about the forces that were in the ULA, the forces that split from the ULA, the now forces in the UL, all the other left and radical forces coming together in a united front and committing themselves to mass direct action to expel the Zionist representatives and also to stop the use of Shannon by the US military. By mass direct action I mean mobilize enough people to expel the Zionist representatives by the peoples' own actions. That is mass direct action. 

It seems to me that there is the mood for this in Ireland now. But that this mood is not being built upon for a number of reasons. One is that the emphasis is on calling on the capitalist government to take this action. This is useless as it is a stooge of US and British imperialism. It is only creating illusions in this bunch of crooks to call on them to act. The other reason that such action as I suggest has not been taken is the left sectarianism of the different left and radical groups and individuals. Instead of building a united front on mass direct action they cannot break from their left sectarianism which keeps them hamstrung by all the time thinking how they can get more out of any action than the next group. 

Back to left sectarianism.  What about the forces that were in the ULA, those presently in the UL and all other left forces setting up a united front and organize mass direct action to close down all the Zionist institutions and physically let this mass direct action expel the Zionists. It was great what Clare Daly and Mike Wallace did at Shannon. But it would be much better if this action was carried out by a united front and actually had as a target the expulsion of the Zionists. We see here once again the damage done by sectarianism. The break up of the ULA, the maneuvering of all the left groups around this issue, the other left groups and individuals who were even too sectarian to be part of the ULA when it was set up.  It  is very simple the Zionists should be put out. For a united front on mass direct action to expel the Zionist forces from Ireland.  John Throne. 

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