Monday, August 4, 2014

Irish politician, David Norris on Gaza.

Thank you David Norris. How can any decent human being stand by and watch the slaughter in Gaza and say nothing or spout platitudes. But what about the left forces in Ireland. What about the left who were in and then split the ULA, what about the UL, what about all the left forces and individuals, Norris is putting you to shame. There should be the immediate building of a united front of all these forces to throw out all Zionist entities from Ireland, to break the embargo on Gaza and not to do this by calling on the chickens of US and American imperialism in government and opposition but to do this by mass direct action. Mass direct action was used before in Ireland to eradicate a foreign embassy. David Norris is putting all the left forces with the exception of Clare Daly and Mike Wallace to shame. Sean Throne.

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