Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson: Stop the hugging. Get rid of the military vehicles and snipers.

by Sean O' Torrain

The black revolt of the 1960's forced the US bourgeois to make some concessions. It also saw them move to build up a new layer of black middle class leadership to keep the black masses in place. This had dangers. See when Jackson ran to the left and got many votes. But they pulled him back into line. But from what I read about Ferguson this black leadership they built, the black politicians who have moved in, the black cop they have put in charge are increasingly finding it hard to keep control. Their strategy of building a middle class black leadership is coming under strain. Given the lack of alternative unified more combative even revolutionary leadership on the ground they will probably get control again. But  it is a sign of things to come when we will see this new black leadership they put in after the 1960's fragment and when we will see the state apparatus crack and when we will see many black and other sections of this refuse to take their orders. 

I feel it is vital we say something about military vehicles and snipers and full body armored state machine. We need to have transitional demands in relation to these. Remove all military vehicles and put them under the control of elected committees of working people. Remove all sniper and heavy weaponry from the cops. For elected committees of working people and youth to oversee trouble and violence in all areas. 

Are these demands okay? I do not know. I am not in Ferguson.  But what I do know is that a black cop hugging protesters has to be pointed out for what it is - a con job. He and the system has to be put on the spot where are the military vehicles and snipers and cop murderers and cops who discriminate against black people, what are the plans for these. No more hugging.

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