Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zionist garbage. Abraham gave us this land.

Below is the garbage with which Zionism indoctrinates its supporters. It talks of its slaughter in Gaza in this way.  “This is not an occupation. This is Jewish land. Abraham came to this city. We were promised this land,” a young Zionist says. “We were exiled by the Romans 2,000 years ago, but we’re back home. I know there were other people here on this land when we came back, but it’s absolutely not occupation.” 

Who the hell was Abraham?  Where does the holocaust fit into this narrative?

Zionism does not want to talk about the holocaust  too much amongst its imperialist backers as it was carried out by German capitalism who are now backers of Zionism and allies of US imperialism and part of world imperialism.It is easier to blame the Palestinians and the Romans. As I said in a few prior blogs - Zionism is a catastrophe for the Palestinian people but also for the Jewish people. And it is also absolute garbage as far as history is concerned. 

My family was born in Ireland. I do not know where I came from before that. I will try and dig up an old tattered book and see if I can find some other land where it does not rain so much and where there is access to more resources and which is valuable to US imperialism and get them to fund me and back me and then I can have a better life. So if I have to drive a few million local people out who have lived there for centuries what the hell. So if I have to regularly murder a thousand or so every now and then to keep them in their place what the hell. Abraham came to this place or in my case Patrick came to this place and told me this land was mine. So that is that. A Zionist general recently said that there was not a single city or town in Israel that was not built on the ruins of a Palestinian town or village. Then they are bringing in the semi fascist and fascist settlers to occupy the areas from which they can drive the Palestinians. Yes all I need is for Ireland to become more important to US imperialism and from that get properly armed and bring back the Irish diaspora and the old country can take over England, Scotland, Wales and the North. It is a fate worse than death. 

Let us be clear. Zionism is not looking for any solution to the crisis which would be based on giving the Palestinian people a decent life. It is absolutely clear what it wants. It wants to expand its state by driving the Palestinians from the West bank and Gaza, it wants to maintain its vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, it wants to continue to have the unconditional support of US imperialism. Genocide or total displacement of the Palestinian people by extreme violence this is what Zionism is aiming for in the Gaza invasion. 

And the mass media is full of hypocrites and liars with their platitudes about peace and a truce. These war criminals, they are war criminals just like the Zionist leaders, people like Kerry and Obama and Clinton and Cameron and Merkel and the lot of them, they know the objective of the Zionist regime is to drive the Palestinian people out. The slobber on about the so-called International Community while refusing to take any action against Zionism. They rush to put sanctions on the other war criminal Putin, but their own war criminal Netanyahu he has to be supported.  The objective that the Zionist state and its backers has for Gaza is to drive the Palestinian people into the sea and make it part of the Zionist state. 

When discussing this issue it is important to get our facts and terminology clear. Israel is a Zionist state. It wants to establish a Zionist state. But not all Jewish people are Zionists. See the large demonstrations in Israel against the slaughter in Gaza. We who oppose the invasion in Gaza must link up, Jew and non Jew, to bring this about. 


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