Thursday, July 17, 2014

Video: Gaza in Plain Language (2009). American workers cannot continue to ignore US government crimes

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

The horrific violence being waged against the Palestinian people in the open air prison we know as the Gaza Strip, is designed to destroy an entire society and culture.  It is a war crime of immense proportions.  The Zionists backed by US capitalism, are the Nazis of the 21st century.

Equally responsible as war criminals is the entire US government and its war machine. They supply the weapons. Caterpillar along with its executives,  are also responsible as it supplies the machinery that destroys Palestinian homes, farms and communities making huge profits along the way.

Where are the leaders of the US labor movement at the moment? Their silence as this war crime takes place and has continued for decades, is beyond belief; they too are complicit, refusing to publicly condemn the war crimes the Zionists commit and making it clear all workers suffer from these actions.

The US government using its economic  power has thwarted all attempts at the UN level to stop the Zionist slaughter.  What sort of people are these?  Imagine how Israeli children grow up? What they're taught. Jews around the world are vulnerable to attack due to the Zionists racist policies.  But this is productive for this regime, it can then offer the Zionist state as the only security in a world full of anti-Semites. A safe haven for Jews under the Iron Dome.

This video is of the last time the Zionists waged war on this defenseless population.  The situation will be worse now.  I can only imagine the hatred the Palestinians must have for these animals.  I used to think that someone strapping explosives to themselves and blowing up a school or a bus was wrong, was counterproductive. Workers unity and socialism is the only answer.  I still believe this is the only way out of this mess, but I cannot  condemn the methods of anyone having such a a ruthless well armed enemy from using any method at their disposal.

The Zionists are intent on destroying a whole culture, its people and traditions-----its very existence in their midst.  An Israeli politician the other day called for the killing of all Palestinian mothers. Were I in the same situation, facing such an enemy, I too may well take the same path as the suicide bomber, not the method or action of someone who believes there is a future.   In my despair, and as the world ignores my plight, seeing my culture driven in to oblivion, taking some of the perpetrators out with me may not seem such a bad idea.

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