Monday, July 21, 2014

The Zionist catastrophe. .

Zionism is a monstrous ideology. It is based on seizing the land that it claims belongs to it in an old book written by who knows whom centuries of years ago. In doing so it drives the Palestinian people from their homes and slaughters them with US supplied, tanks, aircraft, gunboats and all kind of weaponry.  It slaughters the Palestinian people, men women and children. Look at the photo on the previous item on this blog.

This monstrous ideology of course does not stand alone. US capitalism finances it and backs it to keep its base in the Middle East and its dirty hands on the oil and gas wealth. It is difficult not to throw up when we see the lies and hypocrisy of US imperialism in its mass media. Kerry and Obama and the rest of them are war criminals. Zionism is a catastrophe for the Palestinian people. Anybody with any decency and humanity must stand against it. This includes all the progressive Jewish forces in Israel and internationally. They must speak up.

Zionism is not only a catastrophe for the Palestinian people. It is a catastrophe for the Jewish people. It is turning the Jewish population of Israel and internationally into an occupier people. This brings with it everything that is backward and reactionary and dirty. Its settler population has the traits of fascism. The interests of the Jewish people can only be served by rising up against Zionism and the slaughter that comes with it and reaching out a hand to to the Palestinian people and looking for a way to live together.

Think about it concretely. Zionism has been armed by US capitalism. In the last analysis it is a tool of US capitalism. Part of this arming by US capitalism includes large numbers of nuclear weapons. This mad ideology of Zionism believes that these nuclear weapons guarantees its future. Nothing could be further from the truth. If it ever uses these weapons then it will have to do so on the Arab nations and peoples close to it. The nuclear fall out will not miss the Zionist state of Israel. But not only that. Other nations with no love for Israel now also have nuclear weapons. And more will get them. the rage that would explode if the Zionist state of Israel used nuclear weapons would make a nuclear response from at least some of these states inevitable.

This is a catastrophe that is building in the Middle East. And not only the Middle East but  internationally. A war which would draw in other nuclear armed countries would spread throughout the region. It would be at least a partial nuclear war. How would this help the Jewish people? Zionism is a monstrous ideology that is destroying the Palestinian people. See the article below and the photo of the slaughtered little Palestinian children. It is also an ideology that if not overthrown will destroy the Jewish people.

There is only one solution. The overthrow of Imperialism and all its puppet states, Zionist and Arab alike and the establishment of a democratic socialist middle east in which all peoples would have the right to self determination to be able to live at peace and without repression.

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