Sunday, July 20, 2014

History: You gotta know it.

I saw this on FB from a friend. It gives an idea of the incredible hypocrisy and lies and violence carried out by forces such as the Catholic church, the Crusades, and rising capitalism. The Zionist regime in Israeli and its financiers and its partners in crime in Washington are no better. They are war criminals. And then there is the slaughter these forces carried out against women. I do not remember the exact quote now but Marx said that capitalism emerged dripping in blood from every tooth and claw and fang. Sean.

From my friend: I have just realized, thanks to a TV program I just watched on catchup, about the crusades against the Cathars and the establishment of the inquisition, that I shall arrive in Beziers on Monday, the very day (21 July) 795 years after the Crusade of land-hungry, greedy northerners, blessed by a Pope who wanted no dissent from his rule, themselves arrived in Beziers, sacked the town, locked 7000 citizens in a church and burnt them alive (Christian and heretic alike on the basis that God would know which were his and send them straight to heaven). Thereafter anyone who threatened the Pope's power on earth would be branded a heretic and subject to the inquisition, and most probably burnt alive after being tortured. Like Jews, Muslims, Christians with a non-orthodox view, uppity women who could heal with plants, anyone who believed in magic (apart from things like virgin birth and rising from the dead) and more uppity women - this time who dressed like men, wore armor and led armies into battle. The program was called Inquisition and was on yesterday, the history channel. There are 3 more episodes.

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