Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hamas kill Israeli soldier as death toll mounts. US Congress 100% behind slaughter

7-30-14 Note: Al Aqsa TV was bombed shortly after airing this clip apparently. It shows how powerful propaganda is and how necessary for the morale of the combatants.  The Zionists know that this will not elevate the mood of the average Israeli and it will strengthen the resolve of the Palestinians fighting what has been thought to be an "Invincible" army. It will also tend to increase division within Israeli society. 

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444

This is a video of the Hamas military arm I believe killing an Israeli soldier and taking his weapon. it was shown on Israeli TV as well I think.  I have been lucky enough not to have been placed in  such a position, having to kill another human being.

I imagine that it would not be difficult for me where I in a Gazan's shoes managing to get a hold of an Israeli soldier after Israel has rained hell on my community, or more accurately the camp that I am a prisoner in 

As of this morning another 60 Palestinians have been killed, according to local health officials,  after a ferocious barrage of some 60 airstrikes. So far, according to reports, 1,137 Palestinians, mostly civilians have been killed this month compared to 56 Israeli's, 53 of them soldiers and three civilians including a Thai migrant worker. Israeli F16's even bombed the monument to the victims of the  Mavi Marmara aid flotilla attack in May 2010. An F16 hit the home of one family killing 20. 

The Zionists are intent on destroying the already weak superstructure that keeps Palestinians in Gaza alive, last night's attacks hit the power plant. Gazan's of course have no means to defend themselves against F16's tanks, ships, drones and the high tech Israeli military.  Despite this, and the huge disparity between the two sides militarily, the Palestinian population of Gaza have shown incredible courage and resilience, they are after all, fighting a foe intent on ethnic cleansing the entire area, a foe guided by the most extreme racist philosophy.

We have a saying in the US "Live Free or Die", it is the official motto of the state of New Hampshire. It is ironic that the Zionists, heading a Jewish state, have mastered the Nazi mode of slaughter and oppression in the 21st century and that they are able to do so with the financial, political and military backing of the US government.  "Live Free or Die" doesn't apply outside of the US border I guess and neither does Jesus it seems as so many American Christians ask their god to bless only them.  I don't think the modern US nation state existed back then did it?

My father was a prisoner in Japan for almost 4 years. He was caught in Hong Kong in 1939. I remember him telling me about an incident where a Japanese soldier through has experience loading ships was killed by a falling crate. He had shoved my father aside rudely to show him how it was done, he wasn't moving fast enough apparently. My father could have warned him and saved his life but didn't.

I could see the look of glee in my dad's eyes when he told me that story.  But he wasn't a bad man. He never taught me to hate the Japanese.  Just the opposite.We behave according to our conditions.

I am sure the Palestinian soldiers that killed that Israeli soldier, a representative of a state that occupies their lands and in fact drives them from their lands while importing the most right wing religious fanatics to occupy them, I am sure these small successes give them strength to carry on against overwhelming odds as the Pentagon funds and supports the Zionists.  "Live Free or Die" as we say over here.

I was equally pleased to read in Haaretz that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem along with the famed Spanish director Pedro Almodavar and others have signed an open letter  condemning the Zionist slaughter on a civilian population, overwhelmingly children, as well as the continuing occupation of Palestinian land.  The letter also calls for an end to the blockade that has gone on for ten years.   There have also been demonstrations in Tel Aviv against the invasion also, this is uplifting news. Zionism is a catastrophe for the Jewish people, many of whom are disgusted by this.

Javier Bardem wrote in another letter that, "In the horror happening right now in Gaza there is NO place for distance or neutrality."  

This is absolutely the truth.  The entire US congress are war criminals in that they are 100% behind this genocide

The right wing anti-union politician Rand Paul who in safer times has taken an anti-war stance and criticized aid to Israel reveals what a hypocrite he is when one has to swim against the stream, "No one should question Israel's actions in a time of war."
We have an obligation as human beings to stand against the Zionists, do what we can and call it what it is, genocide.

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