Thursday, July 31, 2014

For Palestinians, their rooftops are death traps

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli group that collects testimony from IDF soldiers returning from their military activity in the occupied Palestinian lands. Its purpose is to: "break the silence" of IDF soldiers who return to civilian life in Israel and "discover the gap between the reality which they encountered in the [occupied] territories, and the silence which they encounter at home".

Regarding this piece of testimony I recall reading about an Israeli sniper who shot two Palestinian children who were feeding their pigeons on their rooftop. I lost that article and can’t find it again. There are thousands of murdered Palestinians, so many children, whose murderers will never pay for their crimes. The US arms manufacturers are the world’s leading suppliers, they too are responsible.

Here is a longer video, a tour of occupied Hebron.  It's a history of the area and former soldiers tell of their times there.

Breaking the Silence 

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