Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catholic church in Ireland threw 800 little children in a septic tank.

Sean O'Torrain

Just when you think it could not get any worse another crime of the Catholic church is exposed in Ireland. This time it is the bodies of 800 little children in a septic tank. They were thrown there when they died of malnutrition and disease which resulted from them being neglected by the Catholic church which ran the home in which they were held. They were held there and neglected because their mothers were not married, that is their mothers had not gone through the ritual and garbage that the Catholic church says they have to to be able to have sex. You have to really think about this.

The unelected dictatorship which runs the 1.1 billion Catholic church is all men. Women are banned from the top positions. They are inferior according to the Catholic hierarchy. The Catholic church is the main church of capitalism. It worked with and helped US imperialism to organize the so-called dirty wars in Latin America where tens of thousands including its own left wing the liberation theologists were murdered and slaughtered. It worked with US imperialism to see that when Stalinism fell it was replaced with capitalism and not democratic socialism. US imperialism and the Catholic church are responsible for the wars and mass poverty that has resulted from the collapse of Stalinism.  The last pope was a former member of the Hitler youth. This pope was a collaborator with US imperialism in the dirty wars. This is a monstrous organization.

Back to Ireland. The Catholic Hierarchy are responsible for this mass killing of these children. But they are not the only culprits. The Irish capitalist class were too weak to lead the struggle for independence in Ireland. (See Trotsky's Theory of the Permanent Revolution.) The counter revolution that followed the war of independence left capitalism in place but very weak. They needed allies. They looked for and found one in the Catholic hierarchy. The dirty deal was done. The Catholic hierarchy could have the schools (centers of propaganda), the hospitals and a veto over all major legislation, especially social legislation, and could dictate the "morals" of the people. I never heard of James Joyce until I emigrated from Ireland when I was 20 and a young man from Quebec told me about him.

But to get back on track. The Catholic hierarchy and the Irish capitalist class are both responsible for throwing these little children into this septic tank.  The horror of it is unbelievable. And now some full time organizer of the Catholic church, they call themselves priests to better intimidate people, says the children were only "resting." I do not believe it is a good idea to support the capitalist state to ban any organization as it can then use this ban to justify banning workers organizations. But if there was ever a case to ban an organization there would be to ban the Catholic church in Ireland.

But I do not call for this instead I call for all members of that church to leave it and never participate in any activity it is involved with. I cannot see how any decent, any intelligent person can belong to that organization. It is utterly corrupt, utterly anti-democratic and utterly anti-women. I cannot for the life of me see how people who say they are against capitalism and imperialism, how people who say they are Republicans can belong to the Catholic church.

The Catholic church has a massive structure of wealth and resources. It has tens and tens of thousands of full time organizers, they call them priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, popes, this is again to intimidate and impress, these people are full time organizers for a dictatorial capitalist organization. So how can people who say they are against the system, get named, get married, get buried by these people, by this organization. It only gives this organization greater authority and control. I see the Republicans in Ireland attending the Catholic church and I am astounded at the reactionary role this plays.

In the North of Ireland we have the Paisleys and the Protestant organizations. They are just as bad only they did not get their hands on as much undiluted power. But they have been able to justify every wrong they have done by pointing to the role of the Catholic church in the South and internationally. Imagine what Paisley and co will be saying now about the 800 children in the septic tank in Tuam. And the Catholic population, their leaders, such as Gerry Adams and the rest of them will not have a word to say.

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