Monday, April 7, 2014

San Leandro: CNA nurses picket Kaiser to protest lack of services

The Giant HMO Kaiser has built a new Facility in San Leandro California and the new facility will not include a pediatric unit. Kaiser closed down its pediatric facility in Hayward, a town to the south of San Leandro.  Not having one in the new complex in San Leandro will mean that families in the south county will have to travel all the way to Oakland for such services. You can read more about the Hayward events here.

The California Nurses Association picketed the San Leandro facility today to protest Kaiser's cost cutting plans. Kaiser officials were prominent speakers at San Leandro Mayor, Stephen Cassidy's business friendly State of the City Address last month.  The mayor, like all of them, has a business friendly economic plan.  But as the San Leandro Workers Club points out, "Appealing to big business to save the economy is a losing proposition as big business has demands of its own."  Their demands include low or no taxes, cheaper labor and no unions.  Obstacles to profit are not business friendly ideals.

Any of the nurses that were at this rally who would like to send us in more information about this development that we can print please send it to: or contact this blog.

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